Taking Courses Elsewhere After You're Here

Once you're matriculated at The College at Brockport, you may still take courses at other colleges and universities whether in summer school or as a visiting student. Always keep in mind that when you do this, the 64-credit and 90-credit maximums still apply.

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There are two other important rules to keep in mind when you take courses elsewhere after you're enrolled here:

    1. If you want the course to count toward the General Education requirements, your major requirements, or anything else quite specific, don't head off without completing a Student Course Approval Form, which you'll find in the Office of Academic Advisement. This form, when signed by the appropriate persons, ensures that your credit is accepted when you return. You should take along a copy of the course description when you seek approval, so they'll be able to make an informed judgment on the matter. Don't trust to chance and waste a perfectly good piece of work at another institution.

  1. Brockport will grant transfer credit for courses in which you attain a grade of "C-", "D" or "D-" only so long as your overall GPA for transferred credit does not fall below 2.0. (This is to ensure that you have earned at least a 2.0 for all the courses that contribute to your baccalaureate degree, whether taken here or elsewhere.) This means that, if you've never transferred credits previously and you earn a "C" and a "D" in summer school elsewhere, Brockport will only grant credit for the "C." If you manage a "B" and a "D," you'll get credit for both. And so on. If you already have a transfer record, then the rule for "C-" or below is based upon your total transfer GPA. Got it? If you're in doubt about the rule, ask someone in the Office of Academic Advisement for clarification. (There's an easier way, of course– try not to do less than "C" work.)

Last Updated 8/13/18

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