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For Freshman

Let's assume for a moment that you have pinpointed a field that you want to make your own. You've thought long and hard about it, you've talked it over, for hours sometimes, with your advisor; you've pestered your best friend for his opinion in the aisles at Wegmans; and you've even called home once or twice. You're ready to act. What happens now?

Steps to Take as a Freshman

  • Go to the academic department where your new major is located and inform them of your decision. The department chair or advisement coordinator will have you fill out a Major Declaration Form. They will sign it and assign you a faculty advisor. Your records will be transferred from your initial advisor to your new advisor in your new major.
  • You will also want to meet with the instructor ot your Academic Planning Seminar. They are your current advisor and will continue to advise you for the remainder of your first semester.
  • Many majors can be declared during your first semester if you entered Brockport as 'Undeclared'. Other majors are more restrictive and/or competitive. Those majors often require a set of courses (prerequisites) to be successfully completed before accepted into that major. For those majors, you will declare an ‘Intent to Major’ in the academic department.
  • Majors that you will declare as 'Intent To Major' and that require acceptance by the department upon completion of a set of prerequisite courses:
  • Declaring an 'Intent to Major' also brings you a departmental advisor, but you must wait until the second semester of your sophomore year before you can apply for full acceptance as a major. Your departmental advisor will explain the mysteries of this procedure and will help you tackle the prerequisite courses required.

Last Updated 8/13/18

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