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Your First Responsibility as a Major

Discuss your transfer credits with your advisor and/or major department.

Although the Office of Academic Advisement is constantly updating thousands of course equivalencies from more than 1700 institutions of higher learning, what we know least about is how credits will transfer to your major.

This is particularly true with courses from four-year colleges and private schools.

You certainly want to receive all of the credit you're entitled to, and we don't want you to retake courses which you already might have completed at another college.

Your first task in your first semester should be to meet with your advisor (possibly the chair or advisement coordinator, depending on the department) to review your transfer credits to determine all credits applicable to the major and/or as upper-division (300-400 level) course work.

Provide additional documentation for courses, if necessary.

Because of this, we recommend that you bring with you course catalogs from all schools attended, with course syllabi, textbook titles or any other supporting documentation that would demonstrate course content.

Plan to have course work reviewed by a department for your major, and/or upper-division credit in that first semester before you preregister for your second semester at The College at Brockport.

Academic Advisement has all of the appropriate forms you'll need to accomplish this, and we will make all appropriate adjustments to your Degree Audit as they are received from your department.

Last Updated 8/13/18

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