Credit For Prior Learning

Academic credit can be earned for learning that has taken place through community activities, military experience, non-credit courses, private or public sector training, or even extensive in-depth reading and research.

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This is called “credit for prior learning” and is intended for adults, rather than for students entering college directly after high school.

Credit awarded in recognition of prior learning is in all cases treated as transfer credit, inasmuch as it is based upon learning that took place previously.

The College at Brockport recognizes three sources for obtaining college credit for prior learning:

  1. Credit by Examination
  2. Armed Forces Experience
  3. Educational Experience in Non-Collegiate Organizations

Credit By Examination

There are three kinds of exams:

  1. The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
    Examinations are given in English composition, the Humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences/history, all intended to cover material included in college introductory courses. CLEP also has examinations in specific subject areas. Both the general and some specific courses can earn you as much as six college credits, depending on how well you perform. You can learn about local test dates and request an application from the Office of Academic Advisement.
  2. The Regents College Examination
    There are examinations in a number of subject areas, ranging from liberal arts and science courses to criminal justice. Free study aids and application forms can be obtained from:
           Regents College Examination
           Cultural Education Center
           Albany, NY 12230.
  3. Departmental Credit by Examination
    Many academic departments here at Brockport offer challenge exams (or credit by examination) – for matriculated students only – for courses regularly offered. Such exams are given for courses offered in foreign languages, nursing, health sciences, and the natural sciences. Credit earned in this way is recorded on your permanent transcript as “credit by examination,” but grades are not entered, so there is no effect on your cumulative index. Departmental examinations require a $295 fee, payable to the Bursar before the examination is taken. You can contact the relevant department or Academic Advisement for further information.

Educational Experience in the Armed Forces

If you have served in the armed forces, you may qualify for credit for your training, including Military Occupational Status (MOS), Navy ratings, and many advanced training programs. Courses completed under Defense Activity for NonTraditional Education Support (DANTES) may also qualify for college credit.

Educational Experience in Non-Collegiate Organizations

You could be eligible for college credit for training by organizations which have a primary function other than education, including business and industry, labor unions, professional and voluntary associations, government agencies and others.

For further information on obtaining college credit by exam, or credit from the armed forces and non-collegiate organizations, contact the Office of Academic Advisement.

A few important points about credit for prior learning:

  • Credit granted for this kind of experiential learning is only for matriculated (formally admitted) students.
  • The process of obtaining this credit should be initiated only after you have been advised by Admissions, Academic Advisement or Career Services.
  • These departments will tell you if academic credit is likely to be granted for your particular experiences.
  • Finally, The College at Brockport cannot guarantee that credit offered for prior learning will be acceptable to other colleges or universities, if you should transfer elsewhere.

Last Updated 7/1/20

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