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An audition is required for entrance into the dance major, minor, and arts for children major/dance specialty programs. Application forms are available online here, and in the Dance Department office, 141 Hartwell Hall. Auditions are held in November, February and March/April.

Many dance courses (i.e., Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Irish, African, Movement and Self Awareness, Introduction to Dance) are open to students in all majors – no audition is required for these courses.

The following is a recommended sequence for two years of Dance major or minor requirements and may be augmented with dance electives and/or a dance breadth component course.


Recommended BA/BS and BFA Courses in the Freshman Year

First Semester Second Semester
  • DNS 204 Experimental Anatomy and
  • Dance Conditioning (fall only)
  • DNS 205 Modern Dance I (fall only)
  • DNS 253 Beginning Ballet or
  • DNS 353 Intermediate Ballet
  • DNS 208 Dance Production Practicum
  • DNS 245 Modern Dance II (spring only)
  • DNS 253 Beginning Ballet (optional)
  • DNS 364 Dance Improvisation (spring only)
  • DNS 454 Other technique/dance style class (optional)


Recommended BA/BS and BFA Courses in the Sophomore Year

First or Second Semester
  • DNS 206 Twentieth Century Dance
  • DNS 207 Dance Production (required for BFA program)
  • DNS 345 Modern Dance III
  • DNS 353 Intermediate Ballet (optional)
  • DNS 306 Beginning Dance Composition (fall only)
  • DNS 305 Kinesiology for Dancers (fall only)
  • DNS 375 Movement Analysis (spring only)
  • DNS 430 Intermediate Composition (spring only)
  • MUS 300 Music for Dance (spring only) or DNS 232 African Music and Drumming for Dance


Please Note: 

All Dance majors should be advised by Dance faculty in their first year. It is possible to audition and    be accepted into the major/minor after the first year.  For further information about requirements for the 35-credit dance major and the 85-credit BFA degree, please contact the Department of Dance, 141 Hartwell Hall, (585) 395-2153; check the departmental website at or refer to the Undergraduate Catalog.


Grade Requirement 

This major/program requires a grade of “C” or above in all courses used to fulfill major requirements. Courses with C- grades CANNOT be applied and must be repeated.


Last Updated 10/27/20

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