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Adolescence Inclusive Generalist Education with Middle Childhood Extension

The Adolescence Inclusive Generalist Education Program offers initial dual certification in Adolescence with Middle Childhood Extensions grade 5-12 in the following subject areas: English, foreign language (French or Spanish Track I), mathematics, science (biology, chemistry, earth sciences, and physics), and social studies (history), and initial certification in Students with Disabilities Generalist 7-12 . Teacher candidates with dual certification are qualified to teach in their content area of certification and in special education/inclusive classrooms in grade 7-12.

Adolescence Inclusive Generalist Education

Effective fall 2015 students entering the college must meet the SUNY Board of Trustees additional requirements for admission to teacher preparation programs. As a result of these additional requirements, the Department of Education and Human Development has replaced the program application with a Declaration of Enrollment form. The Declaration of Enrollment form serves as notification that a student is enrolled in an EHD Program and must complete a series of program pre-requisites in order to begin taking professional EDI courses (except EDI 413 Introduction to Special Education), after meeting the following:

  • At least 36 credit hours of college level coursework
  • Declaration of an approved academic major for Adolescence
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative Brockport grade point average and a minimum of 2.5 grade in the major to maintain enrollment in an EHD program
  • You must apply and be admitted to the college prior to submitting a declaration of enrollment form
  • For more information go to:

Recommended Courses in the Freshman Year

First Semester     Second Semester
  • Foreign Language*
  • ENG 112 or above**
  • MTH 111 or above**
  • Science w/Lab**
  • Foreign Language*
  • HST 110, 211 or 212**
  • Science**

* Students who are continuing study in a foreign language begun in high school are highly encouraged to take the Foreign Language Placement Exam . The foreign language requirement for the Adolescence Program can be met by successful completion of one year of college level study of the same language (112 level) or its equivalent with a minimum grade of “C.” Sign Language may also be used to meet this requirement.

** Required courses to meet Students with Disabilities Generalist Certificate 7-12. Refer to the Generalist cognates for course options.

Recommended Courses in the Sophomore Year

First Semester Second Semester
  • PSH 484 Adolescence Psychology3***
  • ENG 112 or above**
  • MTH 111 or above**
  • PRO 370 Health and Drug Education***
  • EDI 413 Introduction to Special Education***
  • Social Studies cognate**

*** These courses are part of the Professional Sequence in Education, but may be taken prior to acceptance into the program. A minimum grade of “C” is required in PSH 484 and PRO 370; EDI 413 requires a minimum grade of “C+.”


Adolescence Generalist Cognate Courses

NYSED requirements for the Students with Disabilities 7-12 Generalist Certification includes completion or equivalent of 6 college credits each in English, mathematics, science and social studies. The content in these courses relates to the general subjects taught in grade 7-12. Some of these courses may meet requirements in the major and/or general education courses. These courses can be completed prior to entry into the program, and must be computed prior to student teaching.

  • English - Completion of six credits or equivalent, ENG 112 or above

  • Mathematics - Completion of six credits or equivalent, MTH 111 or above

  • Science - Completion of two courses, at least one natural science with lab. Choose from: AST 203; BIO 111; CHM 121; ESC 110 (not 102); GEL 100; PHS 205 or above; GEP 115; or NAS 273.

  • Social Studies - Completion of six credits or equivalent.

  • American History (required) - HST 211 or 212 or 110 (non-majors). Choose from ANT 100 or above; AAS 113, 114, 303, 313, 419, 429, 476; ESC 102; HST 130 (non-majors), HST 201 or above; PLS 111 or above; ECN 100 or above; SOC 100 or above; WMS 303, 305, 307, 324, 328, 334, 344, 359, 364, 365, 367, 436.
    (AAS and WMS courses are cross-listed with either ANT, EDI, HST, or SOC)

Adolescence Content Majors

  • Biology
  • Biology for Educators
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Sciences
  • English (Literature track)
  • French
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Spanish Track I

Last Updated 10/27/20

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