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Required and Recommended Courses in the Freshman Year

First Semester     Second Semester
  • GEL 201 Intro to Physical Geology
  • CHM 205 College Chemistry I (optional)
  • MTH 201 Calculus I
  • GEL 302 Historical Geology
  • CHM 206 College Chemistry II (optional)
  • MTH 202 Calculus II


Required and Recommended Courses in the Sophomore Year

First Semester Second Semester
  •  GEL 305 Paleontology and Paleoenvironments or GEL 310 Mineral-Petrology I
  •  GEL Upper division core requirement
  • PHS 240 Physics II or CHM 206


Prerequisite Courses

  • GEL 201 is prerequisite for all GEL courses.
  • GEL 302 is prerequisite for:
    GEL 305 Paleontology and Paleoenvironments GEL 408 Structural Geology
    GEL 411 Stratigraphy & Sedimentology

Co-requisite Courses

  •  CHM 205, 206 College Chemistry I & II
  • PHS 235, 240 Physics I & II
  • MTH 201, 202 Calculus I & II 


Recurring Problems

CHM 205 is a prerequisite for GEL 310 Mineral-Petrology I. Care must be taken in planning the student’s program because required courses are taught only once a year, and upper division courses once every two years. Students should contact the geology major advisor at their earliest opportunity to be kept informed of any scheduling changes that could affect their program.

Last Updated 10/27/20

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