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Academic Advisement For Undergraduate Students

Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

The Office of Academic Advisement and Student Retention has moved to the main floor of the Albert Brown Building. Academic Advisement and Student Retention provides students with information and advice concerning academic policies and procedures, coordinates the degree audit system (Degree Works), coordinates all advisement and registration programs for new students, and provides information and advice concerning academic eligibility for financial aid.

*The evaluation of transcripts from other institutions to determine The College at Brockport credit now falls under The Office of Undergraduate Admissions and will remain on the main floor of Rakov. 

Academic Success Center

Academic Advisement & Student Retention Staff

Deb Birkins Director of Academic Advisement and Student Retention
Thomas Chew Director of Academic Success Center
Heather DiFino Second Year Experience Coordinator
Tia Kennedy Academic Advisor
Zaula Kennedy Academic Advisor
Katie M Kloepfer-Mazzaferro Academic Compliance Officer
Andrew Newman Assistive Technology Specialist
Erin Rickman Transfer Year Experience Coordinator
Pamela Setek

Academic Advisor

Vonda Seyna

Administrative Assistant 1

Kathryn Warren First Year Experience Coordinator


  • 3-1-3
  • First-Year Experience
    • New Freshman Registration
  • Second-Year Experience
  • Transfer-Year Experience
    • New Transfer Registration
  • EagleSUCCESS
  • Golden Eagle Orientation
  • Good Academic Standing
  • Major/Minor Declaration
  • Steps to Eliminate Probationary Status
  • Temporary Academic Leave
  • Veteran Resources

Assignment of Advisors for New Students

All undergraduate students are assigned an advisor.

  • For entering freshmen and transfer students with fewer than 24 credits, the advisor is the instructor of the Academic Planning Seminar, the Educational Mentor-Tutorial Seminar, Intro to Honors, or Self, College and Career.
  • Students in special programs such as 3-1-3 and EOP are assigned an advisor who may or may not be one of their current instructors.
  • Students transferring to the College with 24 or more credits who have not selected a major are assisted by a general advisor in the Academic Success Center and are also advised to visit the Office of Career Services for assistance.
  • Students, both native and transfer, who declare their major, are assigned an advisor from their major department.


First-Semester Freshman Students

Freshman students in their first semester MUST obtain their advisor’s signature (see above) before adding, dropping or withdrawing from a course.

The Academic Major

  • The academic major is an undergraduate concentration of 30-70 credits in an approved academic area.
  • The College offers 49 academic majors as well as the Contractual Liberal Arts Major (CLAM). This option permits the student to design an individualized academic major drawn from more than one academic area with the assistance of faculty sponsors. Students interested in the CLAM major are advised to begin with a discussion with a faculty sponsor. CLAM paperwork is available in the Office of Academic Advisement.
  • Students are advised to select and declare an academic major as soon as possible. Most students declare their major during their sophomore year. For students to be eligible to receive TAP, they must have declared a major by the time they have completed 54 college credits.
  • The major indicated by a student on the admission application automatically shows as the student’s major upon paying their tuition deposit. If a student decides to change their major after paying their tuition deposit, they must file the Major Declaration form with the Advisement Coordinator or Chair of the major department.
  • TAP (state aid) recipients must have the correct major in Banner and make progress towards their chosen major to recieve state aid.

Advisor’s Approval Required for Registration

All undergraduate students are required to consult with their academic advisor before registering for the
following semester. This means that in order to register for any course for the succeeding semester, the student must present proof of advisement.

Teacher Certification

Certification to teach Childhood Inclusive or Adolescent Inclusive education is NOT a major at Brockport. All students who wish to obtain provisional teacher certification when they receive the baccalaureate degree are required to complete both an approved academic major and a teacher certification program.

Last Updated 11/13/19

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