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Recommended Courses in the Freshman Year

First Semester     Second Semester
  • THE 239 Intro to Design*
  • THE 221 Acting I*
  • THE 201 Theatre Arts*


* Denotes core courses required for all theatre majors.


Recommended Courses in the Sophomore Year

First Semester Second Semester
  • THE 314 History of Theatre I*
  • THE 307 Fundamental of Stage Management* (Fall only)
  • Upper Division Performance* or
  • Design/ Technology by advisement*
  • THE 315 History of Theatre II*
  • THE 351 Directing* 
  • Upper Division Dramatic Literature* 

* Denotes core courses required for all theatre majors.

Auxiliary Courses

Individualize course of study based on area of emphasis: Performance, Design/Technology, General
See THE Advisor.


Further Recommendations

It is recommended that theatre majors complete the required 100 and 200 level courses in the General Education Program prior to entering the junior year.

Last Updated 10/27/20

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