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There is a world of opportunity outside of the classroom!

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Last year, it was about exploring all the options. This year is the time to focus on new experiences.

Test your interests, skills, and passions. Work on campus or in the community. Seek out a research project, or take on a leadership opportunity. Check out the various opportunities to assist, challenge and help you be successful in your second year. Check back for more upcoming Fall updates!

SYE & Major/Career Exploration

  • Club Craze (TBD During Welcome Week)
  • Majors and Minors Fair (TBD)

Second Year Tradition Events

Sophomore Jump Modules

Are you a Second Year Student feeling the like you are in a slump? Well turn that slump into your Sophomore Jump with our new online modules!

  • All modules can be found in the Class of 2024 Blackboard Organization
  • With 10 modules for you to explore at your own pace, you can select the topics that interest you to help you turn that slump into a jump! Module topics include: 
    • Campus Resources
    • Exploring What Makes You Uniquely You
    • Ways to Get Involved
    • Tips for Academic Success
    • Major & Minor Career Exploration
    • Advising Planning & Resources
    • Getting Your Professional Documents (think Resumes, Cover Letter, etc.) Ready
    • Avoiding Burnout
    • Money and Finances
    • Gratitude and Mindfulness

Half Way Day Celebration

Every spring, this event celebrates the Second Year Class as they mark their half way point to graduation! 

  • Who & What: Second Year Students join us as we celebrate you. With free giveaways and prizes (while supplies last) be sure to join us as we celebrate our second year student’s success.
  • When: May 2022 (Date TBD)
  • Why: Your dedication, hard work and efforts as you have made it to the halfway point in your undergraduate academic career! So stop by to say hello, be honored, and get some cool free stuff to celebrate you by showing your Class of 2024 Ticket.
  • How: Second Year Students check out the Class of 2024 a ticket you can use to trade in for free stuff at our live event!

Last Updated 6/1/21