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Thank you for your interest in transferring to The College at Brockport.

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Transferring can be easy and completing your Baccalaureate Degree can be efficient if you follow these guidelines:

  • If you are currently attending a two-year institution, we strongly recommend that you finish your Associate's Degree -- Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), Associate of Applied Science (AAS), Associate of Applied Arts (AAA)
  • An earned Associate‚Äôs degree will guarantee you full junior status with a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 64 transfer credits and will also complete or almost complete the SUNY General Education Program with the required categories and number of credits.
  • For students transferring from another SUNY institution (two- or four-year), selecting courses at that SUNY institution that will fulfill the SUNY General Education Knowledge and Skills areas will maximize the usefulness and flexibility of those credits.
  • If you are transferring from a non-SUNY institution, many of those introductory courses will also fulfill the SUNY General Education Categories. You will want to check with the Office of Academic Advisement concerning those courses.
  • In addition to the SUNY-wide requirements, Brockport has its own local General Education Program. These local requirements require courses addressing women's issues (W), diversity (D) and contemporary issues (I). There are selected courses which can be taken at transfer institutions which will fulfill these categories.
  • Depending on your intended major here at Brockport, you will also want to begin completing prerequisite courses at your transfer institution as part of your Associate's degree. This will allow you to enter into your major in a more timely and efficient manner.

By following these suggestions, you should arrive at Brockport right on schedule toward your baccalaureate degree.

Course equivalencies from SUNY 2-year community colleges:

Last Updated 8/28/17

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