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Brockport students riding camels in Wadi Rumm during an archaeological field school in Petra, Jordan.

In Memoriam: Douglas A. Feldman

We are saddened by the death of Douglas A. Feldman, Emeritus Professor, who taught in our department from 2001-2016. He will be remembered as a respected professor and researcher, who expanded our understandings of gender and sexuality outcomes within the realms of HIV health and public policy.


Catch up the with our Department

The Department published its first newsletter in July. Who graduated? What are alumni up to? Where's Jackie? Read about it all.


Alumni — We miss you!

We want to keep you updated on departmental-alumni events and help you stay in touch with our other graduates. Please fill out our outreach form.

  • About the Department

    Study human behavior with The College at Brockport. Hear from our students about their experience with the Department of Anthropology.

  • Profile - Jonathan Broida working in the Anthropology Lab

    What Its Like

    Jonathan Broida '18 talks about his time at Brockport and how it led him to a career in anthropology.

  • Professor in Cambodia

    Anthropology Addresses the Issues of Today

    Anthropology is a multidisciplinary field of study where you can focus on a variety of areas of research related to the human experience. The anthropology department’s curriculum at the College at Brockport focuses on interdisciplinary themes of study related to Environment and Change, Social Justice and Human Rights, and Heritage and Identity.

  • Rochelle Strassner

    Check out some of the Career Opportunities in Anthropology

    Rochelle is responsible for operating the Wilderness Explorer Troop Leader locations at Walt Disney World while connecting guests to animals, conservation, culture and the natural world through engaging, family-focused activities. This is just one of the many opportunities available to Anthropologists!

Last Updated 9/8/20

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