Angie at work 2014

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Angie (on the left) and her colleague at work at Cornerstone Eye Associates.

What got you interested in anthropology?

When I was growing up, I was not only interested in people's lives and experiences, but also the biological aspect of life in general. When I went to college, I learned that there was a whole field dedicated to exactly what I loved learning about. As I delved into my education, I was able to combine my love of science with my interest in human behavior through anthropology.

How would you describe your learning experience as an anthropology major at Brockport?

My learning experience at Brockport as an anthropology major was amazing. All of the professors were supportive not only of academics, but of the students in general. Being able to sit and talk with a professor outside of a classroom setting really enforced the bond in the small department. There was never any doubt that every professor loved what they did and what they taught. They brought enthusiasm along with their awe-inspiring knowledge to every class, every day. The amount of opportunities to learn that I had in the department was incredible. All of the students had opportunities to participate in an archaeology study, study museum artifacts, or sharpen their leadership skills in the anthropology club. I was even able to participate in an archaeological study in Greece, which was run through Adelphi University, because of the academic experience and teacher recommendations that I received from Brockport. While most of my friends committed time to extra-curricular activities to make their resumes look good, I found most of the students in the anthropology department participated in club events out of love of the field and learning. That alone set the anthropology department apart from others at the school.

iii. What are your future plans?

My future plans are to continue working in the Opthamology field. While I never thought that healthcare, and especially eye care, would be a part of my life, I find my path to be both satisfying and challenging. Every day, I get to use science and technology to help manage ocular diseases for all sorts of patients. As an Anthropology major (which really sticks with you for life), I find that being able to combine my biological understanding of the human body, a need to figure out why something is the way it is (along with the tools to do such research), and compassionate care for our patients all creates a rewarding career.

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