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Students often elect to do a 3-6 credit hour internship (ANT 462) during their junior or senior year.

There are also opportunities available for students to do independent studies projects (Ant 499) with faculty members. Check with faculty members you might be interested in working with about these opportunities.

Internship Opportunities

Interested in working with immigrant and refugee populations? See Dr. Esara Carroll for information on internship and volunteership opportunities at Mary's Place and Refugees Helping Refugees (formerly the Somali Community of Western NY) that are available for Fall 2015, Spring and Summer 2016.

We are also offering a Museum Internship Class (Ant 462/562) that ties in with the minor in Museum Studies and Public History.

Past anthropology interns have worked with AIDS Rochester, Oak Orchard Community Health Center, the Hillside Family of Agencies, local museums like the Rochester Museum and Science Center, and government agencies like the New York State Office of Human Rights. See the Career Services webpage for more information on internships.

Independent Studies Opportunities

Interested in working in the anthropology lab? Dr. Ramsay and Dr. Rawlings often offer research opportunities working with them on projects in the lab. For example, Dr. Ramsay works on the microscopic analysis of plant remains from ancient sites in the Mediterranean. Dr. Rawlings examines animal and human bones from archaeological sites to help answer a variety of questions we have about our past.

Last Updated 10/11/19

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