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Brockport Students learning archaeological survey techniques in Petra, Jordan

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Anthropology students have many opportunities within and beyond the classroom to hone their skills, explore the diverse possibilities of the field, and gain invaluable career preparation. For example, our students haveā€¦

  • Participated in summer archaeological field school programs in Jordan, Israel and Italy
  • Sat in on United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
  • Studied Food and Culture of the Aegean during a summer program in Greece and Turkey
  • Worked in the recently renovated Anthropology Lab on campus to analyze ancient plants, human skeletal remains, and zooarchaeological artifacts
  • merged anthropological and marketing concepts with observational data of a local retail store to propose a marketing plan for improving sales
  • Partnered with the City Historian's Office on an oral history project
  • Experienced Native Americans events, including treaty commemorations and art exhibits
  • Interned at the Rochester Museum and Science Center, the Emily Knapp Museum in Brockport, Mary's Place refugee outreach center, the Hillside Family of Agencies, AIDS Rochester, Oak Orchard Community Health Center, and Government agencies like the New York State Office of Human Rights

For more information, check out some of the opportunities below:

  • Ethnographic Research
    • Both in and outside the classroom, our majors are putting their "book" skills into practice.
      Jamie Russell and Azzaria Davis teaching a financial literacy class (using a lesson plan that they researched and created) for elders of refugee origins in 2016
  • Scholars Day
    • Every year Anthropology majors and minors present original works of analysis or research at this annual event.

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