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To graduate with honors in Anthropology, the student must meet the following requirements:

Obtain a BA in Anthropology,
Complete a minimum of 12 hours in Anthropology at Brockport by the end of the junior year Maintain a GPA in Anthropology of 3.4 or better at Brockport, and 3.25 or better overall Complete ANT496 Senior Thesis (see II), earning a minimum grade of A-

Requirements for ANT496 Senior Thesis

1) Faculty Mentor: At the beginning of the semester before taking ANT496, the student should enlist a faculty mentor who will oversee the thesis project.

2) Application for ANT 496: The student must complete the required application process for ANT496 (the application form is available here and in the department office) prior to work on a thesis. The proposal must be submitted by the appropriate deadline and pass the required departmental review. Students wanting to do a thesis in cultural anthropology should be enrolled in (at the time of application) or have completed ANT 394, Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology.

3) Evidence of Preparation: In addition, the student should show formal evidence of substantial preparation for the project. This preparation may include the following:

  • a literature search and annotated bibliography
  • a term paper that lays significant groundwork for the thesis
  • coursework, fieldwork or practicum in the thesis area that lays significant groundwork for the thesis
  • application to the IRB (Institutional Review Board) or for other permits, as appropriate
  • enlisting a second reader for the thesis

4) Meeting the Preparation Requirement: The student may do any of the following to meet the preparation requirement for the thesis, subject to departmental approval:

  • The student may enroll with her/his mentor in ANT499 for three credits in the semester before ANT496 to prepare for the research
  • A student who has already completed significant preparation for ANT496 may take ANT499 for one credit, in order to prepare the thesis proposal and application(s)
  • In certain cases another 400 level course with the mentor may be substituted for ANT499.03)

5) Successful completion of ANT496 requires producing a piece of original anthropological research and analysis presented in a format following that of a peer-reviewed article in an appropriate anthropological journal and giving an oral presentation of this work to the faculty and students at Scholar’s Day or another colloquium or setting approved by the department.

2013 - Honors Thesis:

Shauna Strnad - "The Story of How the World Began: An Anthropological Analysis of Creation" - Advisor - Ramsay

Stefanie D'Erasmo - "Who Built Angkor Wat Anyway?: The Role of Kuy Peoples in CambodianHistory" - Advisor - Keating

Amanda Foley - "Seeds of Roman Galilee: A Preliminary Archaeobotanical Analysis of Huqoq, Israel" - Advisor - Ramsay

Lynnsey Sorrentino - "Buddhism and Human Rights in Cambodia" - Advisor - Keating

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