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About the Faculty

The faculty in the Department of Art are practicing artists and scholars dedicated to educating students from diverse backgrounds in the creation and appreciation of works of art and design. Our faculty provide a supportive atmosphere for students to communicate ideas through an exciting variety of approaches, mediums, and techniques. Students in the Department of Art enjoy the advantages of a relatively low faculty-student ratio. This unique one on one mentorship allows our faculty to help each student develop a personal approach to creating art and design.

Administrative Staff


Professional Staff

Adjunct Faculty

  • Sarah Ballard
  • Amy Gendrou
  • Jennifer Osborne
  • Kurt Treeby
  • Janet Winkie


  • Nathan Lyons, Distinguished Professor Emeritus
  • Thomas R. Markusen, Professor Emeritus
  • Robert E. Marx, Distinguished Professor Emeritus
  • Wolodymyr Pylyshenko, Associate Professor Emeritus
  • William R. Stewart, Professor Emeritus
  • Jack Wolsky, Professor Emeritus

Last Updated 8/13/18

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