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girl with puppetStudents majoring in Arts for Children are committed to teaching and learning in the arts. They love to create in one or more artistic mediums. The Arts for Children major combines these studies with the love of working with children.

Prior to coming to The College at Brockport, most students realize the arts have brought meaning to their own lives. They know an arts education will be significant for the children they could later teach and guide. Along the way, students face challenges but are never alone.

  • "My professors were always there to help me and answer my questions. They pushed me to always do better."
  • "I was inspired by the smiling faces and grateful people."
  • "The program helped me to think deeply about integrated learning, to mature professionally, learn about diversity of children, to design instruction and practice with children."
  • "I feel so well prepared for the world beyond SUNY Brockport."
  • "I am now more creative in the way I think and teach."

DennisDuring his career at Brockport, Theatre Specialty student Dennis Yacobucci combined his interest in the arts, youth, and family related issues with a double major in Arts for Children and Health Science. After graduation, he was hired by The Center for Youth in Rochester.

"I want you to know that it is the creativity I learned in the Arts for Children major that essentially got me this wonderful job which reaches thousands of young people in many local schools a year. I am so passionate and excited about using my own teaching and creative style."

Last Updated 11/20/18

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