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"Having been involved in the Arts for Children program has felt like being apart of a welcoming community where everyone supports you and what you love. Within this program, I have been able to express my desire and love of the arts and teaching in all ways possible through my journey of being in this major." ~Rachel Woltz

"Originally, when I can to Brockport my intentions were solely focused on being a dancer and IAC was supposed to be my back up job, in case I got injured. As I began to dive into the program I started to fall in love with teaching, and I found that I learned so much from it. Starting this July I will be starting my first day as a dance teacher for KIPP AMP Elementary school in Brooklyn, NY. I intend to open my classroom to all creative bodies and use everything that this program has taught me, accepting all of the art disciplines. I hope to create the same interactive and artistic community the IAC program has welcomed me in the last 4 years in Brockport." ~Emily Montesino

“Brockport changed the whole course of my life by giving a way to name what my skills and talents were and then build a foundation of knowledge and experience to be able to go out into the world and articulate what I wanted to do and what I could bring to potential employers.” ~Thomas Lake

"I want you to know that it is the creativity I learned in the Arts for Children major that got me a wonderful job with The Center for Youth in Rochester which reaches thousands of young people in many local schools a year. I am so passionate and excited about using my own teaching and creative style." ~Dennis Yacobucci

Last Updated 11/20/18

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