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Focused on getting into a graduate program that interests you? Don't overlook some of the other critical factors that will ultimately determine how much you will enjoy a graduate school experience.

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Will a graduate degree get you where you want to go career wise? Is graduate school really the best choice for you? Graduate school is a significant commitment financially, physically, and emotionally. There are long hours of studying, with many sacrifices. Reflect carefully on your reasons for wanting to continue your education to ensure a sound decision.

Access these different sections to assist you with your decision making and to learn how to apply:

Should I Go to Grad School? Evaluate your abilities and commitment honestly. Should you attend immediately after college or should you get some work experience? This section will assist you in the process of determining if graduate school is right for you.

Choosing a Graduate School Program. If you believe graduate school is the right choice for you, your next step is to decide where and when to apply, this section can help you to choose the right graduate program.

Graduate School Application Process. There are many steps to completing a graduate school application. Learn how to write a Personal Statement and ask for letters of recommendation in this section.

Graduate School Tests. Many graduate programs, departments, and schools require that you complete a graduate school test. Learn about the different graduate school tests and how to prepare for these tests in this section.

Last Updated 8/28/17

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