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Begin to think about graduate school as early as you can if you are an undergraduate. Use this graduate school application time line (PDF) to make sure you are on the right track and that you are completing all the steps that are required.

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Is there a minimum GPA or test scores required to apply? What are letters of recommendation (PDF)? and What is a Personal Statement (PDF)? There may also be course prerequisites you need to complete, so you want to know this early on. Find out what standardized graduate school test you need to complete before you apply?

There are costs associated with applying to graduate schools. You may have to interview for the program, so you will need to build in some travel costs. Each application usually also requires an application fee. Don't forget you will need to acquire transcripts and there is a cost to those as well. The George P. Toth Career Advancement Fund may be able to assist you with some of these costs.

Credential Files

Credential files are electronic versions of your references and can be closed or open. The following link provides more information about credential files.


Official transcripts of your undergraduate work must also be sent to the graduate schools you are applying to. Contact your college registrar to have your transcripts sent. Access The College at Brockport's Transcript Request Form web page for your convenience. You will need to contact any other schools you have attended directly to request a transcript from them.

Admissions committees will review your transcripts with regard to the rigor and types of courses, the course load per semester, and your grades. The reputation of the undergraduate school will also be taken into consideratio


Determine how you will pay for your schooling. Below are some websites and sources of funding for paying for Graduate School, as well as some other helpful resources.

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