Job Searching for Teaching Candidates

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As a teaching candidate looking for positions in a competitive market, it is important to utilize all resources that are available to find a professional position. From networking, professional organizations, applications, to job search listings, all of these are important components of your job search.

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To begin this process, here are the items you may need in your search:

Career Services offers several resources to begin your search:

  • Eagle Connect– a database of all jobs advertised through Career Services, including teaching positions
  • Teacher Recruitment Day Information – annual event held in the spring, sponsored by Career Services
  • For those that are student teaching, Career Services has purchased the AAEE Handbook for Educators, which gives fantastic information on job search for teaching candidates. If you did not receive one, please stop by 101 Rakov to pick up your copy.
  • LinkedIn– get professionally connected to Brockport alumni by creating an account and joining the Brockport alumni group.

Resume and Cover Letter Samples

The following example resumes and cover letters can help you get an idea of how to start creating one for yourself.

To have your résumé reviewed by a professional staff member, stop by Résumé Express (see our Events Calendar for current times, usually Monday and Thursday 1-3pm) or call Career Services for an appointment.

Application & Job Search Websites

Most districts require an application. Each district is unique and there is not one system where you can apply for all districts. However, some districts have come together to offer an online application system where you can apply to many districts at once (thus uploading application, credentials, résumé, and philosophy of teaching only once). Some districts have their own systems. You will need to check each district you are interested in to see what their system requirements are.

Here is a list of New York State, national, and international web resources for teaching candidates (PDF)

Buffalo area school district information: school district information (website)

Last Updated 8/28/17

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