There are many opportunities open to students in every major. Some majors are linked directly to careers while some majors are not, but provide transferable skills and many career options. There are careers that require specific licensure or certification and those careers with companies and organizations that recruit from all majors.

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It's often easy to make assumptions about career fields before you have all the facts. Take the time now to do your research and explore the possibilities.

What Can I Do With a Major In..?: This site helps you explore what you can do with one of 77 academic majors (not all are Brockport majors). Under each major you can view a list of different jobs associated with that major. For each job you can view areas that could be of interest, employer types are those areas and strategies on how to be successful.

Career Resource Room: Located within Career Services in 101 Rakov, as well as in the MetroCenter, is a wealth of resources on careers, internships, graduate schools, and job search information.

Eagle Links - The College at Brockport Alumni Group Speak with someone working in the field or the job you are considering. Find out how they spend their days, what they like and dislike about their jobs, and how they got their start. Ask them what skills and education they would look for in hiring someone in their field. Don't be afraid to use friends or family as well. Click here for more information about Eagle Links. Check out the informational interviewing handout! (PDF)

Click here Eagle Links Icon to join. Use Writing an email to connect to alumni (PDF) to get started.

Alumni Survey: Find out where our alumni have gone one year after graduation. Online surveys are available for the past several years and include an executive summary, as well as data compiled by major.

Get Involved:

  • Take classes in different areas of interest. Use your general education courses to explore subject areas you are interested in. Check out the academic majors available at Brockport: Academic Majors at Brockport.
  • Join clubs and organizations that can build skills. They don't have to necessarily be career related. Clubs and organizations can build transferable skills including communication, leadership, teamwork, and negotiation skills.
  • Become a student member of a professional association in your field. This can be a valuable resource for networking and staying current in that field.
  • Internships and volunteer experiences are a great way to explore different careers.

Additional Web Resources for Career Information:

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH): A great site from the federal government that maintains many different occupations, general responsibilities of jobs, level of education needed, salary ranges, and additional inks to other resources.
  • ONET: Additional information from the federal government, but this is also searchable by skills and education level.
  • My Next Move: This site allows users to search by keywords, browse by industries, and take career surveys.
  • Career Zone: Additional career information provided by Department of Labor.

Last Updated 3/30/18

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