Internships are a great way to develop specific skills and knowledge, build a network, learn work-related skills, gain confidence, and enhance your résumé.

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Judy Fixler at Disney during her Disney Internship
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SUNY Brockport offers many opportunities for students who are interested in developing their leadership skills.

Brockport offers unique tools to help you explore job and internship opportunities. Check out our resources below to start your search!

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Our Internship Programs

Brockport Career Exploration Course

Open to students who have completed a minimum of 35 credits. Students work a minimum of 40 hours per credit hour in career related areas. Credit options are for 3 or 6 credits. Open to all academic majors during fall, spring and summer semesters and is the only college-wide internship program. Complete an application on Handshake. If you have any questions, create a Brockport Career Exploration Course (BCEC) appointment with Career Services on Handshake.

Public Service Internship Program (Options in Albany, New York)

A limited number of paid opportunities are available in Albany, New York working for NYS agencies. Many unpaid internships are also available. To be considered for the options in Albany, please complete the application Albany Internship Application (PDF).

Public Service Internship Program

Offers internships with local, county, state, and federal governmental agencies. Paid and unpaid internships are available. Open to all academic majors and offers three upper division credits. Download an application for the General Internship Application (PDF). If you have any questions about the Public Service Internship Programs, Questions? Email Mark Chasey.

The Disney College Program

Open to all majors and offers the opportunity to intern full-time at Walt Disney World ® near Orlando, FL or Disneyland ® Resort in Anaheim, CA. Students work full-time in paid positions, while earning credits through SUNY Brockport. Applications are done through Disney's website. Also open to graduating seniors.

Other Internship Programs

International Internships

Spend a semester abroad living, working, and learning in countries such as England, China, Australia, and others. Check out more information on Study Abroad's website.

Assembly Intern Program

Spend the spring semester working with the NYS Assembly in Albany. Offers generous stipends and full-time credit is arranged through SUNY Brockport.

Senate Intern Program

Spend the spring semester working with the NYS Senate in Albany. Offers generous stipends and full-time credit is arranged through SUNY Brockport.

SUNY Washington Internship Program

Spend fall or spring semester in Washington, D.C. studying and working. Earn up to 16 academic credits through SUNY Brockport Washington Program. This program allows students to experience the excitement of our  nation's capital, an ideal location to experience direct involvement in politics and other professional fields.

The process of finding an internship is really no different than finding a job. You must start well in advance (usually the semester prior to interning), develop a résumé, and go on interviews to find that ideal internship.

At Career Services we have a number of different resources to help you find an internship offered during the Fall and Spring semesters:

Make an internship search appointment on Handshake


Ask your internship supervisor if he/she would be willing to be a reference for you in the future. Do this before your internship ends.

Handshake Tip

  • After completing your profile and your career interests information, be sure to keep these updated. This will ensure you are seeing relevant positions that you may be interested in pursuing. When you’re ready, make your profile public to employers so they can find you. Remember to check postings regularly!

Vault Tip:

  • You are able to explore Internship Rankings & Reviews on Vault, which is accessed through Handshake. There are also Internship Guides and an Internship Blog.

Last Updated 7/23/21