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Academic Support Services

Drake Memorial Library
This modern three-story facility offers a full range of services. Seating 1,200, the building houses a collection of 440,000 books, 109,000 bound journals, 1.9 million units of microtext, and extensive holdings of government documents and audiovisual materials. The collection is growing by approximately 12,000 volumes annually. A computerized catalog and other on-line services provide easy access to local collections and to other bibliographic data bases. The library has an open-stack policy which allows students direct access to most materials.

The library's schedule varies, so it is advisable to call the recorded information service, (716) 395-2288, for current hours.

Borrowing Materials from Drake Library
Graduate students may borrow materials from Drake Library for a period of approximately four weeks. Materials may be renewed for an additional four weeks if not requested by another reader. A valid College ID is your library card. Arrangements may be made for an ID with the Brockport Auxiliary Services Corp. from 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday when the College is in session. Until you have your ID, you may obtain a temporary badge for a $2 fee from the Circulation Desk of the library. These badges are valid for one semester.

Drake Library Computer Lab
A computer lab equipped with 20 state-of-the-art networked PCS and two digital printers are available for students' use for E-mail, word processing, and access to Internet and World Wide Web.

Copying Service
The library has several coin-operated, self-service photocopy machines on the main and ground floors. Additional book and microfilm copiers are located in the ground floor Copy Center.

Graduate students may reserve locker space for materials choncerned reviews the academic background and other qualifications of each candidate and makes appropriate recommendations to the director of admissions. Students recommended for admission to a master's or certificate program receive official notification of acceptance from the Graduate Admissions Office.

Students interested in taking courses as a non-matriculated graduate student may apply directly to the Office of Adult and Continuing Education. Students who plan to apply for admission to a graduate progarged out from the library which they do not want to carry from home to school. Inquire at the Circulation Desk, main floor.

Computer-assisted Searches
The library subscribes to a rapidly expanding number of online and CD-ROM-based searching services, offering easy access to journal articles, newspapers, government documents, and specialized reports. Major data bases currently include ERIC, Medline, GPO, MLA, Disclosure and SportDiscus. Most of these services are accessible from on-campus as well as remote sites through the library's WEB page. Staff-assisted data base searching to lesser used services is also available on an appointment basis by calling 395-2760.

SUNY Student Resource Center
A new facility located in the Bausch & Lomb Public Library in downtown Rochester opened in January 1998 to serve the library service needs of SUNY students taking courses in Rochester. The Center provides reserve facilities, interlibrary loan, networked computers with access to Brockport's and area libraries online catalog and online databases subscribed b y the campus library. A daily delivery between the Center and the main library makes D rake Library's resources easily available to graduate students living or taking courses in the Rochester area.

RRLC Access Card
Matriculated graduate students may apply for a Rochester Regional Research Libraries Council Access (RRLC) card. Cardholders may borrow materials from more than 30 participating libraries, including those at the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology. Access card applications are available at the Circulation Desk. Cards are valid for one year, from July through June.

Interlibrary Loan
Students are eligible for interlibrary loan services. Materials not available at our library can usually be obtained from other libraries. Books, articles and other materials may be requested electronically or on cards available at the Circulation Desk and in the Interlibrary Loan Office. It takes an average of 10 days between the time a request is made and delivery of the needed items.


Academic Computing Services (ACS)
Academic Computing Services operates Dailey Hall Computing Center. The building, located at the west end of the Mall, contains five computer classrooms and large open access areas. A wide variety of computing hardware is available including over 150 networked PCS and Power Macs, 30 SUN work stations and a state-of-the-art multimedia lab.

An e-mail system is accessible from Dailey, from residence halls and offices via the campus fiber optic network, and from off-campus through dial-up modems. All students are eligible for accounts that allow access to E-mail, Internet, World Wide Web, and Drake Library's computerized catalog system. Of particular interest to graduate students are the uses of Internet, World Wide Web, and CD-ROM material as research tools and the availability of the most current statistical software.

Instruction in a variety of applications as w ell as in uses of Internet and World Wide Web is offered by ACS at the beginning of each semester. A trained student staff provides assistance for the wide selection of ACS-supported software. For hours of operation, call (716)395-2390.

Administrative Computing
Administrative Computing, under the jurisdiction of the director of administrative computing, is the unit of the SUNY College at Brockport charged with responsibility for ensuring the avail ability of computing resources to assist the operational offices of the College in effectively applying information technology.

The office is organized into four major areas: administration, applications programming, data base administration, and operations. Included in administration are user needs determination, project analysis, project prioritization, programming project assignment, office administration, operations management, and mainframe computer resource management. Application programming consists of the systems analysis tasks, working in cooperation with campus users, problem resolution, and programming. The database administration function includes addition, modification, and resource allocation for administrative information systems databases.

The operations component of Administrative Computing is directly involved with the day to-day tasks of responding to mainframe user difficulties, monitoring of special-purpose services housed in the Operations Center, EAGLE operation, back-up and recovery of critical information, optical scanning, batch processing, user hard copy output distribution, machine room disaster avoidance measures, and assisting Technology Support Services with systems administration.

Interactive Telecommunications Office
The Interactive Telecommunications Office operates two electronic distance learning systems: RAITN (Rochester Area Interactive Telecommunications Network) and WESTNET. Both allow instructors and students to see, hear, and interact with each other at as many as four remote sites simultaneously. Through the use of cameras, monitors, computers, and other video and transmission equipment, the College is able to create "virtual classrooms" unrestricted by geography.

RAITN is linked b y fiber optic cable to over forty sites, many of them high schools, in the Greater Rochester Area. This system allows the College to make its courses available at convenient off-campus locations. Through compressed video technology, WESTNET unites 11 SUNY colleges in Western New York State in a course-sharing consortium which greatly enhances the curriculum on each campus.

These "smart" classrooms are used not only for classes, but also for workshops, meetings, and other special events. The teleconferencing features built into these networks enable SUNY instructors and students to interact with people anywhere in the world in real time.

SUNY Brockport has three interactive distance learning classrooms. They are located in Edwards 107, Edwards 108, and the METROCENTER in downtown Rochester. For more information, call (716) 395-5803.

Media Services
Provides audio-visual equipment and support for instructional classroom use, 16mm film and video rentals, audio and video tape duplication, black and white overhead transparency production, audio-visual equipment loans to faculty and staff, and audio lecture taping (for classrooms in Edwards Hall). Space is also available, by appointment only, for film/video viewing for groups up to 30 in number. For more information call (716) 395-2660.

Technology Support Services
Technology Support Services, under the jurisdiction of the director of administrative computing and manager of Technology Support Services, is the unit of the SUNY College at Brockport charged with responsibility for providing technical computer support and resources to assist the operational offices of the College in effectively applying computer-based technology.

The office is organized into five major areas: administration, systems administration, desktop support, network support, and WEB content management. Included in administration are user needs determination, project review analysis, project prioritization, technician task assignment, office administration, and WEB management. Systems administration includes system programming, installation and maintenance of hardware and software, as well as performance monitoring. Desktop support is the area reasponsible for providing technology assistance for PC hardware, printers and peripherals, configuration, upgrade, setup and repair, and LAN support. The area of network support has primary responsibility for installation, connection, repair and maintenance of components making up the campus network. The area of WEB management is responsible for content coordination, official College WEB page management, and implementation assistance for department WEB page installation.

Student Learning Center
The Student Learning Center offers students an opportunity to sharpen their writing, math and study skills to meet the challenge of college-level work. Services include tutoring in writing, math, and subject area courses. Students can work with the same tutor on a regular basis. The Center also houses a computer room for students to work independently on assignments. Students are encouraged to use the Student Learning Center's software, videotapes, and printed resources to develop successful study skills strategies. A professional staff coordinates the various areas, which are open mornings, afternoons and some evenings. The Center is located in B-10 Cooper Hall. For more information, call (716) 395-2293.

International Education
During the academic year, the only overseas programs sponsored by SUNY Brockport are for undergraduate students. But, graduate students are eligible to apply for programs sponsored by other SUNY units, some of which offer graduate credit. In this case, enrolled students apply for program admission to the administering campus, though they remain enrolled in and pay tuition to Brockport.

A number of summer programs sponsored by SUNY Brockport are available to graduate students. In the past, graduate students have enrolled in courses taught in the United Kingdom, Mexico, France, and Holland. For more information call (716) 395-2119.

Student Support Services

Career Services
Career Services provides students and alumni with the tools and resources needed to achieve career self-reliance and work satisfaction. The office also provides individual career advisement; a career resource room with a computerized career exploration program, CHOICES, and a computerized job and internship search program, JobShop. Career Services also offers a career exploration course. Albany internships and other paid and unpaid internships, America Reads and the Student Literacy Corps. Job search services and student employment, including the College Work Study program and off-campus jobs, are also available in Career Services. Located on the main floor of The Rakov Center for Student Services, the office is open 8 am-5 pm weekdays during the academic year and 8 am-4 pm during the summer. For more information, call (716) 395-2159.

Career Planning and Advisement
Students and alumni learn career planning and job search skills to help choose their majors or find employment. Help is available on a walk-in basis from 11 am-3 pm on Mondays through Fridays.

Career Resource Room
The Career Resource Room contains extensive information on careers and college majors, directories on specific career areas, books on job seeking skills and employment literature. Resources also include Focus II (a computerized career guidance system), JOBLINK (an electronic connection to the New York State Department of Labor), updated listings of full-time professional employment opportunities with local, state and national businesses, school systems, human service agencies and industries. Call (716) 395-2159 for more information.

Community Service
The Community Service Program refers students to volunteer positions in human service, governmental and other community based agencies located in Brockport and the greater Rochester area. Volunteerism is encouraged as an excellent means of exploring a career and of gaining experience. Call (716) 395-5422 for more information.

Placement supports SUNY Brockport students and alumni seeking professional employment or advanced graduate school admission, as well as employers and schools with positions to be filled. Placement provides information on resume and letter writing, interviewing techniques and job search strategies, and offers on-campus interviews and special career and job recruitment pro grams with employers and graduate schools recruiting at Brockport. The office processes professional job vacancy announcements, publishes a job listing, and helps students and alumni develop a credential file of letters of recommendation and evaluations. Call (716) 395-2159 for more information.

Student Employment
This service helps more than one-third of all SUNY Brockport students find part-time or full time work, on and off campus while they attend college. Virtually all on-campus, part-time work is advertised through this office. Student Employment views employment as an integral part of a student's career development and as a primary means of financing educational cost. Call (716) 395-2468 for more information.

Student Health Center
The Student Health Center provides primary medical care through an out-patient clinic as a service to all enrolled students. All visits to the Health Center are free of charge. Students paying the mandatory student health fee also receive routine antibiotics and other medications, some routine lab tests, special exams and procedures, and over-the-counter cold remedies at no additional cost. The Center is open weekdays 8 am-5 pm and Saturday 10 am-2 pm during the regular academic year; it is open with reduced hours during summer sessions. When the Health Center is closed, students can use the services of Lakeside Memorial Hospital's Emergency Room on a fee-for-service basis.

New York State's Public Health Law #2165 applies to graduate as w ell as undergraduate students. It requires that students provide proof of immunity to three infectious diseases: measles, mumps, and rubella. Information documenting immunity must be on file at the Student Health Center in order to continue to be registered as a student at SUNY Brockport. For further information please contact a staff member at the Health Center.

In addition to the state-mandated health fee, the College expects that all students have adequate accident and sickness insurance to cover medical services not provided through the Health Center. Full-time students should either subscribe to the sickness and accident insurance program endorsed by the College, or comparable coverage. Part-time graduate students carrying a mini mum of six credits per semester may also elect the program.

Counseling Center
The Counseling Center offers personal counseling to all enrolled students, graduate and under graduate, full-time and part-time. Assistance is provided for the widest possible range of concerns, from routine adjustment problems to severe problems and personal crises. While most counseling is on an individual basis, group counseling is available for certain problems and concerns on an as-needed basis. The Center works closely with the Health Center, and with health and mental health care providers in the surrounding area.

The Counseling Center is open weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm throughout the academic year. Services are free and strictly confidential. For an appointment, drop in at the Center in Hazen East, or call (716) 395-2207.

International Student Services
All international graduate students must contact the Office of International Student Services for the forms needed to obtain a foreign student visa (F-1). The student must have the necessary documentation to certify proficiency in English. Usually, the TOEFL exam is used for this purpose. Evidence of sufficient funding for the total period of time the student will be at SUNY Brockport also must be submitted. This information is to be conveyed to the international student advisor and then by him/her to Graduate Admissions Office. Upon departmental acceptance of the student, the Office of International Student Services sends the 1-20 to the student. Call (716) 395-5899 for more information.

Disabled Student Services/ADA Compliance
The Office for Disabled Student Services/ADA Compliance provides support and assistance to individuals with medical, physical, emotional or learning disabilities, especially those experiencing problems in such areas as academic program, employment, career choice, or adjustment to the campus environment. Among the services provided are those related to accessibility of cam pus facilities, adaptive equipment, note takers, alternative testing, advocacy, and referral to appropriate governmental and community agencies.

The coordinator for Disabled Student Services/ADA Compliance serves in an advisory capacity to the campus at large on matters r elated to disability services, and works closely with other offices to ensure that the needs of individuals with disabilities are met. The Office of Disabled Student Services/ADA Compliance is located in Room 224 of Seymour College Union, and is open 8 am-5 pm weekdays during the academic year, 8 am-4 pm summers. It is accessible by elevator from the ground-level entrance, with handicapped parking immediately adjacent. For more information, call (716) 395-5409 (V/TDD).

Veterans Affairs
The Office of Veterans Affairs assists veterans and dependents in applying for veterans educational benefits, arranges deferral of College charges against those benefits, and certifies attendance to the Veterans Administration. For more information and for publications concerning veterans educational benefits, visit or call (716) 395-2315. The office, located on the main floor of the Rakov Center for Student Services (in the Financial Aid Office), is open weekdays 8 am-5 pm during the academic year, and 8 am-4 pm during the summer.

BSG Box Office & Ticketmaster 395-2487
BTV Information Requests
Campus Facilities Reservations and Activity Approval
Contracts for all events
College Bookstore
Commuter Locker Rental
Union Manager's Office, 395-2120
General Information: Service Desk 395-2252 and Student Directory Information
Lost and Found: Service Desk
Moneymatic Banking Machine (ATM)
Newspaper Sales and The New York Times Subscriptions
Electronic Message Board System
Office of Student Activities
Orientation and Homecoming Family Weekend Office
Fraternity and Sorority, BSG Club and Organization Advisement
Brockport Student Government and Board of Directors' Advisement
Leadership Training, Program Advisement
RTS Bus Schedules and Campus Maps
Pay phones
Bulletin Board posting and approval
Activities hotline 395-EVNT

Information Desk
Office of Student Activities
Ballroom: Multi-purpose Room
Gallery Restaurant
Meeting Rooms
Union Square Food Court
Study Lounge
BASO (Adult Student) Lounge
Self-service Post Office with daily pick-up
WBSU-AM/FM Radio Studios
Brockport Student Government Offices
Cultural Center for Student Services and Development and Cultural Club Offices
BSG Club Offices
Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Student and Friends Association Lounge and Office
Office of Students with Disabilities
International Student Services Office


General Building:
7 am-midnight, Monday-Friday
9 am-midnight, Saturday-Sunday

Service Desk
9 am-11 pm, Monday-Sunday

Brockport Student Government
The Brockport Student Government (BSG) is a completely student-elected and student-con trolled association providing educational, recreational, social and extracurricular needs for SUNY Brockport students. Each year the BSG appropriates nearly one million dollars in Student Activity Fees to approximately 100 organizations. Seven areas serve students through club participation: academic, fine arts, service, recreation and intramurals, social, cultural, and media. The BSG activities board is composed of students and provides such activities as movies, concerts, speakers, lectures, comedy shows, special events, cultural programming and weekend programming.

BSG Services and Offices-Seymour College Union
Association of Latino American Students (ALAS)
Brockport Adult Student Organization (BASO)
Brockport Legal Information Services
BSG Administration Offices
Hillel at Brockport
International Students Association
Caribbean Club
Organization of Students of African Descent (OSAD)
Peer to Peer
The Stylus-Weekly newspaper-Holmes Hall
Volunteer Center
Brockport Environmental Action Network (BEAN)
Amnesty International
WBSU FM Radio Station

Brockport Adult Student Organization (BASO)
The Brockport Adult Student Organization is a BSG-funded organization established to provide a support network to SUNY Brockport students who must integrate academic life with family, job and community commitments.

Activities include informative brown bag seminars on such topics as time management, discussion groups focusing on issues related to the "back-to-school" transition, presentation of awards to outstanding adult students, and social events for adult students and their families. In addition, BASO seeks to bring concerns of adult students, who comprise nearly 40 percent of the total student body, to the attention of faculty and administration.

Students interested in participating in BASO activities should contact the BSG Office or the Division of Academic Outreach and Access. Education.

Other Offices and Agencies

Parking (Brockport Auxiliary Services Corporation)
All students who plan to park on campus on weekdays, including evenings, must register their vehicles; this includes visitors. Parking permits for all students are handled by the Parking Office, Brockway Hall, (716) 395-2799.

Parking Rules
Students must park only in designated spaces within appropriately designated lots. There are signs on each lot indicating who may park there, and campus maps given out at the time you buy your parking sticker which indicate which lots are for students. Although students must always park in a designated, non-restricted parking space, there are "open parking" periods when commuters may park in any lot. Weekday open parking is from 6:30 pm to midnight Monday through Thursday, but students must still have a parking permit on their car. Weekend open parking is from 3 pm Friday to midnight Sunday, and no parking permit is required. At the beginning of each semester there is a "grace period" to purchase permits. The "grace period" is defined as first day of classes through the following 48 hours. Once a permit is purchased it must be placed immediately on the driver side rear window and then students must park in the appropriate lot assigned to the color of their permit.

Parking regulations are available from the Parking Office. All students should become familiar with these regulations to avoid violations of regulations with subsequent penalties and fees.

Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation (BASC)
The Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation (BASC) is responsible for the operation of all services and enterprises supplemental to the educational mission of the College. This includes all dining facilities, the College Bookstore, the Thompson Conference Center, vending and video operations, refrigerator rentals, parking, and accounting services--all activities and services of the College not directly provided by the State University or other state agencies. BASC is authorized to operate on this campus by virtue of a contractual relationship with the State University of New York and is chartered as a non-profit educational membership corporation. For more information call (716) 395-2497.

In addition to a wide selection of meal plans, BASC also offers "Easy Money." Easy Money is a debit account at SUNY Brockport that is accessed through a campus ID meal card. Students deposit money into this account for use throughout the academic year. Whenever a purchase is made with a card, the amount of the purchase is deducted from the student's available balance. Easy Money is used for purchases at any BASC operation. Easy Money can buy textbooks, as well as art supplies, school supplies, College memorabilia, clothing with the College emblem, paperback books, film, gift items or greeting cards. In addition to shopping at the College Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Easy Money can be used to buy a gift certificate or a birthday cake for a campus friend or treat visitors to a delicious meal at any BASC dining facility. Easy Money will also buy food and beverages at select vending locations on cam pus, even pizza from Dominos!

You can eat anywhere on campus--the choice is yours. The BASC Dining Services Department is committed to providing you the most complete dining program to be found on any campus. In fact, the SUNY Brockport concept of diversified dining was recently recognized by SUNY as the #1 Dining Service in the entire SUNY College system. The quality and convenience are second to none.

There are two dining halls on campus:
Harrison Dining Room is the larger of the two dining halls. Harrison is w ell-known for its unique, built-in charbroiler, tremendous salad bar and pasta bar. There you will find a classic, all you-can-eat buffet, featuring several entrees--including vegetarian offerings--and nutritional information for those concerned about their dietary intake.
Brockway Dining Room is surrounded by the freshmen residence halls and is known for its quaint atmosphere, friendly service and awesome breakfasts with Belgian waffles you make your self! At lunch and dinner, Brockway features all-you-can-eat home-style cooking and a New York-style deli bar.

There are also several dining locations featuring both national and local brands:
Trax offers fresh-dough pizza, subs, Buffalo-style chicken wings and an abundance of sweet treats from noon until midnight. Trax also features cable TV for relaxed viewing.
Jitterbugs Cafe, located in Seymour College Union, features gourmet soups, sandwiches, salads, delicious pastries--and, of course, steaming java!

The College Bookstore stocks all required textbooks and school supplies. Additionally, the store has a selection of paperback, trade, reference, children's and adult books. College memorabilia, clothing, gifts and greeting cards are also available, as are special orders for books and computer software.

The bookstore buys used texts from students on a daily basis enabling the store to offer a large selection of used books at reduced prices the following semester.

Textbooks are accepted for exchange or refund only during the first 30 days of classes, when books are clean and free of all marks. Cash receipts and drop slips must accompany any exchange or refund. Books with names or other types of markings are considered used books. The condition of a book is determined by the store personnel. Defective books are replaced at any time. The store is located in the Seymour College Union and is open Monday/Thursday, 9 am-5 pm; Friday, 9 am-4 pm; Saturday, 10 am-3 pm. For more information, call (716) 395-5649.

Office of Residential Life
Off-campus Housing. Lists of available off-campus housing may be obtained by an in-person or written request to the Brockport Student Government, 113 Seymour College Union.

On-campus Housing. On-campus housing is available for graduate students. Single rooms may be contracted for on a space-available basis. For more specific information, contact the Office of Residential Life, (716) 395-2122/2108.

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