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Undergraduate Studies Catalog 2001-2003

Communications Meteorology Interdisciplinary Minor


A minor in the area of meteorological communications is available to students who wish to become informed interpreters and communicators of weather information to mass audiences via electronic and print media. The minor consists of 19 or more credits selected from courses in the Departments of Communication and the Earth Sciences and elsewhere as appropriate to individual goals.
Courses will be selected, by advisement, in various combinations depending on the individual's background and major program. Typical courses that may be included are:

Broadcasting Meteorology Journalism
CMC 343 ESC 211 CMC 224
CMC 346 ESC 311 CMC 226
CMC 348 ESC 312 CMC 325

Additional electives from these departments or others may be chosen to complete the concentration. At least 12 of the credits must be at the 300/400 level. The program should be supplemented by electives to represent a balance of one of the communication concentrations and the meteorology area. Courses applied toward a major or any other minor may not also be counted toward this minor.

Advisor: Jose A. Maliekal, Department of the Earth Sciences

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