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Drake Memorial Library offers a full range of services. The library provides seating for 1,200 and houses a collection of more than 625,000 books, 2,000 print serial subscriptions, 120,000 bound periodicals, 14,000 online serial subscriptions, 10,000 AV/media materials, and 2 million microforms. An online library catalog provides easy access to the collections. The library has an open-stack policy that enables direct access to most materials.

Drake Library subscribes to a large number of online information services, offering easy access to journal articles, newspapers, databases, government documents, and specialized reports. Subscriptions include such collections as Lexis/Nexis, JSTOR, Academic Search Premier, ScienceDirect, BioOne, PsycArticles and PsycInfo, Westlaw, and many more. A full list of electronic resources can be found on the library's Web page, In addition, the library provides easy access to reserve collections through its electronic reserves service. All of these resources are available to Brockport students both on and off campus.

Reference assistance also is available on or off campus. The library is open an average of 105 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters, and the reference desk is staffed most hours the library is open. Students doing research from home may call (585) 395-2760 for assistance, or may send an AOL Instant Message to drakeref. Students who don't need an instant answer can send an e-mail to, or schedule a personal research consultation with a reference librarian by completing the form on the library Web page. Usually a librarian will respond within 24 hours.

Graduate students may borrow materials from Drake Library for approximately four weeks. Materials may be renewed if another reader has not requested them. A valid College ID serves as a library card.

Materials not available in the library may be obtained from other libraries through interlibrary loan (ILL). Materials may be requested electronically from the library's ILL Web page. Delivery time for requested items usually ranges from two days to one week.

The library schedule varies. For current hours, please call the recorded information service, (585) 395-2288.

Other Library Services
The library has approximately 80 networked PCs available for use on the main floor. Wireless network access is available throughout the library. Several photocopy machines are available for public use. Microform printers are available on the ground floor.

SUNY Student Resource Center
Located in the Bausch & Lomb Building of the Rochester Public Library in downtown Rochester, the SUNY Student Resource Center serves the library needs of SUNY students taking courses in Rochester. The center provides reserve facilities, interlibrary loan, networked computers with access to the online catalogs of SUNY Brockport and other area libraries, as well as access to online databases.

RRLC Access Card
Matriculated graduate students may apply for a Rochester Regional Research Libraries Council (RRLC) Access card. Cardholders may borrow materials from more than 30 participating libraries, including those at the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology. Access card applications are available at the Drake Library circulation desk.


Information Technology Systems and Networking (ITSN)
Information Technology Systems and Networking Services is the unit of the College charged with responsibility for ensuring the availability of computing and networking resources to assist the College community in effectively applying information technology.

The office is organized into five major areas:

  1. systems and networking administration,
  2. applications programming,
  3. database administration,
  4. Web development, and
  5. computer operations. Major areas of responsibility include campus e-mail, campus networking systems, student information system, official campus Web site, and day-to-day processing of campus information.

Information Technology Support Services (ITSS)
Information Technology Support Services operates Dailey Hall Computing Center. Located at the west end of the mall, Dailey contains five computer classrooms and two large open-access areas. A wide variety of computing hardware is available, including more than 200 PCs, 10 MACs, 30 SUN workstations and a multimedia lab. A trained student staff provides one-on-one assistance for all ITSS-supported software. Dailey is open more than 100 hours each week, providing access to students both during the week and on weekends. For specific hours, call (585) 395-2390.

The College's e-mail system is accessible from Dailey, residence halls and offices through the campus fiber and wireless networks, and from off campus through any Web browser. E-mail accounts, automatically created for all students, allow access to e-mail and Drake Library's online reference and resource material. Of particular interest to graduate students are the use of the Internet online databases (many full text) as research tools and the availability of current statistical software including SPSS and Minitab. All students are provided with server space for the development of personal Web pages.

ANGEL is the campus course management system allowing students Web-based access to class syllabi, threaded discussion boards, online quizzes, and more. Brockport also hosts a number of SUNY Learning Network (SLN) courses, see:

Twenty satellite labs, including the METROCENTER labs provide more than 750 public access workstations to students, offering standard and specialized software as well as Internet access.

For more information about computing at SUNY Brockport, visit:

Media Services
Media Services provides audio-visual equipment and support for general classroom use, video rentals, audio and videotape duplication, black-and-white transparency production, audio-visual equipment loans, and audio lecture taping (for classrooms in Edwards Hall). For more information, call (585) 395-2660 or visit:

Technology Support Services
Technology Support Services is charged with the responsibility for providing technical support and resources to assist the offices of the College in effectively applying computer-based technology.


The SUNY Brockport METROCENTER is located in downtown Rochester at 55 St. Paul Street. The facility features 18 classrooms, three computer labs and state-of-the-art instructional technology resources. There also are student lockers, conference rooms, administrative offices, designated departmental offices, and a student lounge. The METROCENTER is also home to the Greater Rochester Collaborative Master of Social Work Program of SUNY Brockport and Nazareth College.

Courses offered at the SUNY Brockport METROCENTER allow graduate students to take a variety of elective and required courses in diverse disciplines, including social work, education and human development, counselor education, educational administration, and public administration in downtown Rochester. Completion of degree requirements may necessitate taking some courses offered only on the College's Brockport campus.

For more information, please visit, e-mail metro@ or call (585) 395-8000.

Distance Learning: Telecourses and SUNY Learning Network Online Courses
SUNY Brockport provides students desiring scheduling flexibility with two distance-learning options. Studies have shown that students who do well in distance-learning courses are bright, motivated, and self-disciplined learners with good study and time management skills.

Telecourses are offered in nine subject areas each semester, evenings and weekends, on campus and at the SUNY Brockport METROCENTER. Telecourse students learn through a combination of synchronous (same time, same place) in-class instruction, independent study, and program viewing. For more information on telecourses, e-mail, view the Web site at, or call (585) 395-5726.

SUNY Learning Network Online Courses
Students may elect to take completely asynchronous, online SUNY Brockport courses via the SUNY Learning Network (SLN), using computer Internet access from home, work, or on-the road. For more information on online courses, e-mail, view the Web site at, or call (585) 395-5734.

International Education
During the academic year, the overseas programs sponsored by SUNY Brockport are primarily intended for undergraduate students. However, with permission of the department in which the student is matriculated, courses can be taken at the graduate level overseas and applied to meeting degree requirements. Graduate students are also eligible to apply for programs sponsored by other SUNY units, some of which offer graduate credit. In this case, enrolled students apply for program admission to the administering campus, though they remain enrolled in and pay tuition to Brockport.

A number of summer programs sponsored by SUNY Brockport are available to graduate students. In the past, graduate students have enrolled in courses taught in the United Kingdom, Mexico, France and Holland. For more information, call (585) 395-2119.


SUNY Brockport's SummerSession program has been specifically tailored to accommodate diverse schedules, with more than 250 undergraduate and graduate courses offered over three sessions from mid-May to early August. Classroom, library, computing and recreational facilities on the main campus and at the SUNY Brockport METROCENTER downtown support the SummerSession program. Please visit, e-mail or call (585) 395-2900 for more information. The Office of Special Sessions and Programs is located in Room 2108 Morgan II, Kenyon Street.

WinterSession courses are in session for two weeks in January and classes are held Monday through Friday. Enrollees can earn three credits in a time-shortened format. For more information, visit, e-mail or call (585) 395-2900 for more information.


Student Learning Center
The Student Learning Center (SLC) in Cooper Hall is available to help students meet the rigorous academic demands of graduate study. The Center offers:

  • trained tutors who assist at all stages of the writing process;
  • assistance with APA and MLA documentation styles;
  • reference materials, including APA and MLA handbooks and math texts that may be useful for students in measurement, evaluation, research or statistics courses; and
  • software and videotapes on note taking, text reading and time-management skills.

The SLC also houses 24 computers linked to Drake Library and available for research or word processing. Please call (585) 395-2293 for SLC hours or questions.

Career Services
The Office of Career Services provides students and alumni with the resources and services they need for successful career planning and job placement. The office offers individual career advisement, career and job resources, and an Internet database (JobShop) of jobs and internships. Staff can assist students who are deciding on a career direction related to their disciplines, and can provide internship options that students can take to their departments for approval. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the many events planned throughout the year, e.g., career and job workshops, Teacher Recruitment Day, and various career-specific and general job fairs.

Students seeking work can take advantage of positions offered through Student Employment using JobShop. Current information about career and job events, workshops and JobShop (part-time jobs, full-time professional jobs, internships and volunteer work) can be found by going to the Career Services Web site

Career Services is located on the first floor of the Rakov Center, and is open from 8 am-5 pm during the academic year, and from 8 am-4 pm during the summer and winter break. Students are encouraged to visit the office during drop-in hours, which are from 11 am-3 pm daily. More information can be obtained by calling (585) 395-2159 or by visiting the Career Service Web site.

Student Health Center
The Student Health Center provides ambulatory medical care to all registered students. Located in Hazen Hall, the Health Center is open weekdays 8 am-4:45 pm and Saturdays 10 am-2 pm during the academic year. Office hours are 8 am-4 pm Monday-Friday during summer and academic breaks. After-hours care is available at nearby Lakeside Memorial Hospital on a fee-for-service basis. Medical services provided off campus or by other agencies are not covered by the mandatory health fee.

Immunizations: New York State Public Health laws require all students taking six or more credits to provide proof of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella, AND verification of receipt of information regarding meningitis.

Health Insurance: All full-time students (i.e., taking 12 or more credits) at SUNY Brockport are required to have health insurance and are automatically charged for the campus plan. Students who are covered by another personal or family plan are able to waive the campus plan.

This insurance may also be purchased by part-time students taking more than three credits, and by eligible spouses/partners and dependents of students enrolled in the plan.

For more detailed information, visit the Student Health Center Web site at or call (585) 395-2414.

Counseling Center
The Counseling Center at SUNY Brockport is open to all registered students who wish to discuss personal concerns in a confidential setting. Services include individual, group and couples counseling, and are provided by a highly trained staff with expertise in working with college students of all ages.

The Counseling Center is located in Hazen Hall and is open weekdays from 8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday during the academic year. Hours vary during the summer and college breaks. Appointments can be made in person or by calling (585) 395-2207. Urgent needs are accommodated on a walk-in basis.

For more detailed information, visit the Counseling Center's Web site at

International Student Services
This office is the primary resource for all enrolled international students at SUNY Brockport. The office provides an orientation for newly admitted students, assists with immigration regulations and travel documents, helps international students adjust to academic and cultural expectations in the United States and provides cross-cultural programming.

All international prospective graduate students must submit a formal program application for admission to the Office of Graduate Admissions. In addition, they must also submit proof of English proficiency and evidence of sufficient funding for the period of time they will be attending SUNY Brockport. Once the student is approved for admission, an I-20 will be completed and sent along with the formal acceptance letter. The student takes the I-20, along with the acceptance letter and financial documents, to the nearest US embassy or consulate and applies for a student visa (F-1). Questions on graduate admissions or obtaining an I-20 should be directed to the Office of Graduate Admissions at (585) 395-5465 or (585) 395-2525, or via e-mail at

Upon arrival to the campus, all international students must report to the Office of International Student Services and present their visa, I-94 card, passport and validated I-20 for review by a Designated School Official. The office is located in the Seymour College Union, Room 224.

Office for Students with Disabilities
The Office for Students with Disabilities provides support and assistance to individuals with medical, physical, emotional or learning disabilities, especially those experiencing problems in such areas as academic program, employment, career choice, or adjustment to the campus environment. Services that may be provided are those related to accessibility of campus facilities, adaptive equipment, note takers, and alternative testing. Services include advocacy and referral to appropriate governmental and community agencies.

The College Senate has adopted the following statement regarding disabilities. Students with documented disabilities may be entitled to specific accommodations. SUNY Brockport's Office for Students with Disabilities makes this determination. Please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at (585) 395-5409 or e-mail at to inquire about obtaining an official letter to the course instructor detailing any approved accommodations. The student is responsible for providing the course instructor with an official letter. Faculty work as a team with the Office for Students with Disabilities to assist in meeting the needs of students with disabilities.

The coordinator for the Office for Students with Disabilities serves in an advisory capacity to the campus at large on matters related to disability services, and works closely with other offices to assist in meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities. The Office for Students with Disabilities is located in Room 227 of Seymour College Union, and is open 8 am-5 pm weekdays during the academic year, 8 am-4 pm summers. It is accessible by elevator from the ground-level entrance, with handicapped parking immediately adjacent. For more information, call (585) 395-5409 (V/TTY).

Veterans Affairs
SUNY Brockport is approved by the New York State Education Department for the training of veterans and other eligible persons. The Veterans Affairs Office assists eligible veterans and dependents in applying for veterans educational benefits, arranges deferral of College charges against those benefits, and certifies attendance to the Veterans Administration. For more information and for publications concerning veterans educational benefits, call (585) 395-2315, or visit the office on the main floor of the Rakov Center for Student Services (in the Financial Aid Office), which is open weekdays 10 am-5 pm during the academic year, and 9 am-4 pm summers and during intersession.


The Seymour College Union is home to many services that students need daily. Hours for specific offices/departments may be obtained by calling (585) 395-2252. Or visit the Office of Campus Life Web site at www.brockport/life/campus_living.pcf.

Building Hours Days
7am-12am Monday-Wednesday
7am-1am Thursday and Friday
Noon-1am Saturday
Noon-11pm Sunday

Gallery Lounge and Gameroom Hours
10am-11pm Monday-Wednesday
10am-1am Thursday and Friday
1pm-1am Saturday
1pm-11pm Sunday

Automatic Teller Machine
Ballroom (multipurpose room)
Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Brockport Adult Student Organization (BASO) Lounge
Brockport Student Government (BSG)
BSG Box Office
Clubs and Organizations Offices
College Events Office
Commuter Lounge and Lockers
Computer Lounge
Gallery Student Lounge and Gameroom
Information Center (schedules, maps, etc.)
International Student Services
Jitterbugs CafŽ
Main Lounge
Meeting Rooms
Office for Leadership and Community Development
Office for Students with Disabilities
Office of Campus Life
Public Pay Phones
Stamp Machine
The Point 89.1-AM/FM student-run radio studio
The Stylus-student-run campus newspaper
Union Manager Office
Union Square Food Court
Women's Center

Brockport Student Government
The Brockport Student Government (BSG) is a completely student-elected and student-controlled association providing educational, recreational, social and co-curricular services for SUNY Brockport students. Each year the BSG appropriates more than $1 million in student activity fees to approximately 100 organizations. Seven areas serve students through club participation: academic, fine arts, service, recreation and intramurals, social, cultural, and media. The BSG activities board is composed of students and provides such activities as movies, concerts, speakers, lectures, comedy shows, special events, cultural programming and weekend programming. For more information, call (585) 395-2550 or visit the BSG Web site at BSG Services and Offices-Seymour College Union
Amnesty International
Association of Latino-American Students (ALAS)
Brockport Adult Student Organization (BASO)
BSG Administration Offices
International Students Association
Caribbean Club
Organization of Students of African Descent (OSAD)
Peer to Peer
Sexual Orientation United for Liberation (SOUL)
The Point 89.1 FM Radio Station
The Stylus-weekly newspaper

Brockport Adult Student Organization (BASO)
The Brockport Adult Student Organization is a service organization chartered by the Brockport Student Government whose purpose is to promote the general welfare of the adult student at SUNY Brockport. In doing so, BASO serves to provide a clear communication channel between the adult student and the College; to act as a unifying factor for the adult student's voice; to provide or assist in the provision of any service that would facilitate the part-time, full-time, matriculated or non-matriculated adult student's enrollment; and to provide opportunities for social interaction between the adult student and the College. Adult students are encouraged to be a part of the organization strictly in an effort to enhance the adult student's college experience. Students are invited to attend monthly meetings and spend time meeting fellow adult students in the BASO Lounge located in Room 209 in the Seymour College Union.


Welcome Center and Parking Services (Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation)
Located in the Raye H. Conrad Welcome Center, the Parking Services' office offers information in the form of brochures and maps to students, faculty, staff and visitors of the SUNY Brockport campus. In addition to managing parking on campus, Parking Services provides a Motorist Assistance Program (MAP), lending a helping hand to on-campus drivers who may need a jump start, gas run, lock-out assistance, or tires inflated. For more information, call (585) 395-PARK or visit

Parking Rules/Policies
Persons planning to park on campus on weekdays, including evenings, must register their vehicles with Parking Services (visitors included). Visitors should display the temporary hang tag permit on their rear view mirror and park in designated visitor lots. Students parking on campus must purchase a parking permit, display it on the rearview mirror, and park in the appropriate lot assigned according to the color of the permit. Parking regulations and policies are available at

Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation (BASC)
The Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation (BASC) is responsible for the operation of services and enterprises supplemental to the educational mission of the College. This includes all dining facilities, Garnishes' catering services, the College Bookstore, summer programs, vending and video operations, parking and accounting services-all activities and services of the College not directly provided by the State University or other state agencies. BASC is authorized to operate on this campus by virtue of a contractual relationship with the State University of New York and is chartered as a non-profit educational membership corporation. For more information, call (585) 395-2497 or visit

BASC Dining Services is committed to providing students with the most complete dining program on any campus. The SUNY Brockport concept of diversified dining has been recognized by SUNY since 1994. Brockport has been designated #1 in Dining Services from among the SUNY colleges. In addition, SUNY Brockport Dining Services has received five Loyal E. Horton dining awards from the National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) including the recent grand prize award for Aerie Cafe, located in Drake Memorial Library.

From hummus to hamburgers, tofu to tater tots, BASC Dining Services has something for everyone's taste and lifestyle. The two dining halls on campus, Harrison and Brockway, offer a vegetarian entree at each meal, and each has a grill, lunch deli bar and salad bar, in addition to daily entrees, soups and desserts.

Several dining locations throughout the campus feature both national and local brands. The Union Square Food Court offers a wide variety of foods, including KFC Express; TRAX, with its deli and pizza menu; Jitterbugs Cafe and Aerie Cafe, which feature gourmet soups, sandwiches, salads, pastries and java; Tuttle Health Court, which provides a healthy alternative to fast food. Hartwell Cafe, serving the east end of campus, provides a variety of dining options. For more dining information, call (585) 395-2570 or visit

In addition to a wide selection of meal plans and dining locations, BASC also offers "Easy Money," a debit account at SUNY Brockport that is accessed through a campus ID meal card. Students deposit money into this account for use throughout the academic year. Whenever a purchase is made with a card, the amount of the purchase is deducted from the student's available balance. Easy Money is used for purchases at any BASC operation, including the Barnes & Noble College Bookstore, as well as at many local area merchants.

The Barnes & Noble College Bookstore is the on-campus resource for all required textbooks and school supplies. Additionally, the store has a selection of general reading, reference and children's books, college memorabilia, clothing, gifts and greeting cards. Special orders are also available.

The bookstore buys used textbooks from students on a daily basis, enabling the store to offer a large selection of used books at reduced prices the following semester. Textbooks are accepted for refund only during the first two weeks of classes with receipt. After the two week period, refunds are issued with receipt and verification of class withdrawal.

The store, located in the Seymour College Union, is open Monday-Thursday 8:30 am-5 pm; Friday 8:30 am-4 pm; and Saturday noon-3 pm. For more information, call (585) 395-2554 or visit

Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities
Lists of available off-campus housing may be obtained by an in-person or written request to the Brockport Student Government, 113 Seymour College Union. On-campus housing is offered to graduate students on a space-available basis. For more specific information, contact the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities, (585) 395-2122/2108.

University Police
The Department of University Police at SUNY Brockport is a professional, service-oriented law enforcement agency which is committed to the establishment and maintenance of a safe and secure learning environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. The department is staffed by highly trained, experienced, certified police officers who possess a unique desire to provide the very finest level of police services within a higher education setting. These officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day in marked vehicles, on foot and on bicycles, and are in constant radio communication with the department's dispatch center. The dispatch center also monitors all campus fire alarm systems, the on-campus "Blue Light" emergency telephone network and maintains radio or telephone contact with all area police, ambulance and fire services. Members of the College community are urged to promptly report medical emergencies, fires, motor vehicle accidents, suspicious circumstances, etc. to the University Police dispatcher. The telephone numbers are (585) 395-2222 for emergencies, (585) 395-2226 for non-emergencies.

A copy of the State University of New York at Brockport crime statistics as reported annually to the US Department of Education will be provided upon request by the campus Personal Safety Committee. Direct all such requests to the Office of the Chief of University Police at (585) 395-2226. Information can also be obtained from the US Department of Education Web site at:

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