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Department of Sociology

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Chairperson and Associate Professor: Jeffrey T. Lashbrook, PhD, University of Rochester; Professor: Joan Z. Spade, PhD, SUNY Buffalo; Associate Professor: Julie M. Ford, PhD, Graduate Center, City University of New York; Assistant Professors: Denise A. Copelton, PhD, SUNY Binghamton; Amy E. Guptill, PhD, Cornnell University; Eric Kaldor, PhD, Rutgers University; Lynne M. Moulton, PhD, Rutgers University; Elliot B. Weininger, PhD, Graduate Center, University of New York.

While the Department of Sociology does not currently have a graduate degree program, its graduate course offerings may be applied as requirements or electives in degree programs as determined through the advisement process.


SOC 512 Schools, Learning and Society (A). Prerequisite: SOC 100 or instructor’s permission. Examines education as a social institution and its relationship to other social institutions. Explores schools as organizations in terms of structure and functions; compares schools within and across cultures; looks at inequality within education; and considers the role schools play in social change. 3 Cr.

SOC 599 Independent Study in Sociology (A). Explores various theoretical perspectives on a social phenomenon or sub-area of sociology not covered by other registered courses. Arranged in consultation with the instructor. 1-6 Cr.

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