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Aging Studies - Interdisciplinary Minor

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An interdisciplinary aging studies minor is available for students interested in the study of aging/gerontology. The 18-credit minor includes courses, as available, in biology, nursing, psychology, recreation and leisure, social work, sociology and women and gender studies. The minor consists of 4 required courses, an elective course, and a field experience related to aging. In addition to a field experience in aging, an elective course that relates to aging may be chosen from a variety of disciplines with the approval of the coordinator.

What is a minor in aging studies?

The interdisciplinary minor in aging studies is designed to meet the needs of students interested in pursuing a career working with or for older adults and their families. This field of study is becoming more prominent as the percentage of older adults increases in the United States and other countries. Students enrolled in the minor have the opportunity to learn about aging from a variety of perspectives and disciplines at SUNY Brockport.

Courses and program

The approved 18-credit interdisciplinary minor may be combined with any other academic major offered by SUNY Brockport. The aging studies minor consists of four required courses, an elective course, and a field experience in aging.

There are a variety of aging related courses and related topics offered by different departments. These courses may be selected individually to develop a concentration to meet student interests or career objectives. The aging studies coordinator can discuss these options.

Faculty and facilities

Aging studies courses are taught by faculty members from different departments of the College working together in a common interest area. They teach and work together in aging studies because of the importance of the area, their interest, and their knowledge.

SUNY Brockport has excellent cooperative arrangements with public and private organizations throughout the region, enabling excellent opportunities for field experiences related to aging studies.

The SUNY Brockport library has a substantial and growing collection of holdings related to aging studies, with interlibrary loan arrangements to meet student needs.

The aging studies minor at SUNY Brockport also has a funded scholarship from the New York State Federation of Home Bureaus.

Career opportunities

Continued growth is expected in employment opportunities that involve work with older adults and their families as more people are living longer and there is a public interest in meeting their needs.

Curriculum: Aging Studies Minor Requirements Credits
SWO 476 Issues of Aging in America 3
BIO 281 Human Biology 3
PSH 436 Psychology of Aging 3
REL 406 Leisure and Aging 3
_______ Approved Aging Studies Field Experience (SWO 499: Independent Study) 3
_______ An Approved Elective (listed below) 3
Total: 18
PRO 204 Developmental Assessment
SWO 477 Perspectives on Older Adults and the Aging Family
WMS 380 Issues in Men’s and Women’s Health
SOC 465 Sociology of Aging
SWO 372 Sex and the Life Cycle
BIO 495 Mechanisms of Aging (for Biology Majors only)

Additional courses that relate to aging studies may be available. Course substitutions may be recommended by the aging studies coordinator.

For more information about the interdisciplinary minor in aging studies, contact: Aging Studies Coordinator, Jason A. Dauenhauer, PhD, MSW, Department of Social Work, SUNY College at Brockport, Brockport, NY 14420, (585) 395-5506,

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