Interdisciplinary Minor — Jewish Studies

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Interdisciplinary Minor — Jewish Studies

The Jewish Studies minor is an interdisciplinary liberal arts program focusing on the study of the Jewish people—their history, their literature, their language (Hebrew) and their culture. The program aims to enhance the student’s knowledge of the Jewish people.

Changes to the Interdisciplinary Minor in Jewish Studies Program were in process as of the publication of this Undergraduate Studies Catalog. Changes in the Jewish Studies Program were being made at the time this catalog was printed. For current information about this program, contact Dr. Herbert Fink, Department of Psychology, 137 Holmes Hall, (585) 395-5635.

Requirements (18 Credits)
Completion of the interdisciplinary Jewish Studies minor requires the completion of six of the courses listed below, from at least two different disciplines, selected with advisement.

Course Code Course Number Course Name
ENL 353 The Bible and Modernism
ENL 354 The Bible as Literature
ENL 495 Literature of the Holocaust
HBR 111 Beginning Hebrew I
HST 351 Nazi Germany
PLS 383 The Middle East in World Politics
PSH 437 Psychology and Jewish Studies

Relevant overseas courses (in Israel)

Jewish Studies Courses

HBR 111 Beginning Hebrew I (A). Provides an introduction to modern Hebrew. Emphasizes oral use. 3 Cr.

ENL 353 The Bible and Modernism (A,C,I). Provides an interdisciplinary investigation of controversies surrounding the Bible in the modern world. 3 Cr.

ENL 354 Bible as Literature (A). Provides an extensive examination of the design, moral, ethical and historical significance of the Bible, as well as its major literary forms, including short story, myth, proverbs, psalms, historical narrative and apocrypha. 3 Cr. ENL 355 Classical Mythology (A).

ENL 495 Literature of the Holocaust (A,I,W). Provides for readings and discussions concerning Hitler’s attempted destruction of the European Jews, both fiction and non-fiction, including the work of survivors and victims. Incorporates esthetic, moral, and political perspectives, with special emphasis on the relevance for our time. 3 Cr.

HST 351 Nazi Germany (A). Explores the creation and destruction of Hitler’s Germany within the context of 20th Century Europe, and the ironies and complexities of this modern human catastrophe. 3 Cr.

PLS 383 Mid-East in World Politics (A). Studies political conflict of global issues and international politics. Covers the Arab-Israeli conflict. 3 Cr.

PSH 437 Psychology and Jewish Studies (A). Explores psychological factors related to Jewish people, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Holocaust. 3 Cr.

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