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Undergraduate Courses

HON 112 Introduction to Honors (A,D,Q,W). $200 Course fee required: The course is required of all first-year students entering the Honors College Program. This theme-based seminar introduces students to an Honors education and fulfills General Education requirements for Written Communication, Oral Communication, Diversity, Perspectives on Women & Gender, and Academic Planning. 4 Cr. Fall.

HON 380 Interdisciplinary Colloquium (A). Topics course; This interactive seminar is a "deep dive" into a special topic that touches upon a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The section “Consciousness in Science Fiction” explores the problem of human consciousness through study of a small handful of SF works. We will make secondary reference to brief readings about consciousness from the fields of philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. 1 Cr. Every Semester.

HON 395 Thesis Practicum (A). Required of all students enrolled in the Honors College. Guides students through the process of planning their thesis project, including formulating a topic and methodology, choosing a faculty advisor, and preparing a thesis proposal. Orients students to the resources and strategies that are essential to producing a thesis that reflects high standards of academic excellence. 1 Cr. Every Semester.

HON 490 Senior Honors Thesis (A). Prerequisite: HON 395. Required of all students enrolled in the Honors College Program. Students conduct a major scholarly or creative project under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Provides students the opportunity to extend the current understanding of a problem with original research, to analyze existing research, to generate new knowledge, and/or to create new works of art, technology (e.g. software), etc. 3 Cr. Every Semester.

Graduate Courses

There are no courses to display.

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