Chemistry Major with American Chemical Society Certification

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The American Chemical Society, through its Committee on Professional Training, establishes a professional standard for the undergraduate curriculum in chemistry. This committee also evaluates undergraduate programs and approves those departments which meet its standards. Brockport's Department of Chemistry is an ACS approved department. Students who wish to receive preparation more in-depth than our regular chemistry major before employment as a chemist or entry into chemistry graduate programs are advised to complete the program outlined below, which meets the requirements of the Committee on Professional Training for certification. Graduates who complete the program are also eligible for immediate election to membership in the ACS.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can declare a major in chemistry with ACS certification.

Program Requirements

Students in the chemistry major with ACS certification pursue either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, and must complete the corresponding degree's requirements.

Chemistry Requirements (48 credits)

  • CHM205 College Chemistry I
  • CHM206 College Chemistry II
  • CHM301 Chemical Safety
  • CHM302 Inorganic Chemistry I
  • CHM303 Quantitative Chemical Analysis
  • CHM305 Organic Chemistry I
  • CHM306 Organic Chemistry II
  • CHM400 Seminar I
  • CHM401 Seminar II
  • CHM405 Physical Chemistry I
  • CHM406 Physical Chemistry II
  • CHM408 Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CHM409 Physical Chemistry Laboratory II
  • CHM467 Biochemistry I

Math and Physics Requirements (20 credits)

  • MTH201 Calculus I
  • MTH202 Calculus II
  • MTH203 Calculus III
  • PHS235 Physics I
  • PHS240 Physics II

To make normal progress in the major, a student should complete CHM 205, 206 in the freshman year, and CHM 303, 305, 306, PHS 235, 240, and MTH 201, 202, 203 before entering the junior year.