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The Department of Dance at The College at Brockport comprises artists, scholars, and educators who train dancers on the graduate and undergraduate level for a wide variety of careers in the arts as choreographers, performers, teachers, scholars, and leaders in the dance field. The students in the department’s highly selective degree programs excel not only in the studio and on stage, but also as critical thinkers, writers and teachers.

The department has some of the best dance facilities in the country, including its own fully equipped proscenium dance theater, a large-space studio theater, five studios, a body-conditioning lab, health pool, costume and scene shops, and computerized music and design studios. Faculty and professional staff are nationally and internationally recognized in their areas of expertise and are leaders in professional organizations such as CORD, NASD and NDEO.

Undergraduates with a strong foundation of dance training are invited to participate in the program by auditioning to enroll as dance majors or minors in the BA or BS programs, and are eligible to apply to the BFA program in the second semester. Additionally, the department offers three graduate degrees and serves a large number of students through courses that fulfill General Education requirements.

Admission to the Program

All students wishing to major in dance must pass a department audition. Three auditions are scheduled each year.

Students may begin the dance major as freshmen, sophomores or juniors.

Note to transfer students: Transfer credits in dance are usually accepted as dance electives. A maximum of 18 credits may be transferred into the BA/BS dance major.

Program Requirements

Students in this dance major pursue either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, and must complete the corresponding degree's requirements. (See the BFA in Dance for the requirements of the BFA program.) Note: To ensure breadth of experience, required dance major courses can only be used to satisfy one Fine Arts Knowledge Area course requirement in General Education.

Careful planning of course sequences and consultation with faculty advisors is essential.

Grades of "C" or higher are required in all 35 required dance credits.

Dance Technique (12 credits)

  • DNS204 Dance Conditioning Lab
  • DNS205 Modern Dance Technique I
  • DNS245 Modern Dance Technique II

Choreography (5 credits)

  • DNS208 Dance Production Practicum
  • DNS364 Dance Improvisation
  • DNS306 Beginning Dance Composition

Theory (12 credits)

  • MUS300 Music for Dance
  • DNS206 20th-century Dance: Issues and Styles

Electives (6 credits)

  • Additional dance courses numbered 300 or higher, excluding courses in dance technique (e.g. modern, ballet, Irish, tap, jazz, African and special topics), by advisement.

Total Number of Credits: 35

Note: up to 19 additional elective dance credits may be taken to meet degree requirements.