International Business and Economics Major

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The AACSB-accredited International Business Major provides an interdisciplinary education that includes foreign language proficiency and cross-cultural awareness. Students gain knowledge and develop skills relevant to conducting business in the international domain. Graduates are prepared for careers in organizations with international operations. The program also prepares students for graduate business study.

Students interested in business studies may also wish to consider the College's majors in accounting, business administration, finance and marketing.

What Can I Do With an International Business Major?

Admission to the Program

A student's cumulative GPA in the foundation courses is used to determine whether the student will be admitted to the major. Students must earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the foundation courses below, with no grade lower than "C-." Transfer grades are included in this GPA.

  • CIS106 End User Computing
  • ACC281 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • ECN201 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECN202 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECN204 Introduction to Statistics

Note: An introductory statistics course from another discipline (e.g ., psychology) may be substituted for ECN 204. However, credit towards graduation will be allowed for only one introductory statistics course.

Students who successfully complete these requirements can declare the major in international business.

Program Requirements

Students pursue the International Business Major as part of a Bachelor of Arts degree, and must satisfy its requirements. Students are also bound by the policies and procedures of the School of Business Administration and Economics.

Note: Only business students who have declared their major or minor are permitted to register for courses numbered 400-499 in the School of Business Administration and Economics.

International Business Core Courses

  • BUS 317 Introduction to Management Information Systems
  • BUS 325 Principles of Finance
  • BUS 335 Principles of Marketing
  • BUS 345 International Business Environment
  • BUS 433 International Marketing
  • BUS 445 International Financial Management
  • BUS 453 International Business Seminar
  • BUS 462 Quality Management Systems
  • ECN 443 International Economics

Foreign Language Requirement

Students must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign or second language equivalent to Brockport's 212-level or higher.

Cross Cultural Core Courses

Students must take four cross-cultural courses approved by the student's academic advisor. The department maintains a list of pre-approved courses.

Foreign Experience Requirement

International business students are required to participate in a significant foreign experience. This requirement is normally satisfied by one of the following two options:

  1. completing an overseas (foreign country) internship
  2. participating in a study abroad program

In completing the foreign experience requirement, international business and economics majors can take advantage of one of Brockport's many opportunities to study abroad. Overseas programs may take the form of traditional college/university course work or an intership program. With one of the largest study abroad programs in the nation, the College has programs in England, France, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia, Ghana, Jamaica, Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, and many other locations. Summer Programs include countries such as Greece, Australia, Mexico, England, and Costa Rica. Internship opportunities are available with many organizations and businesses in Australia, Canada, England, Mexico, Costa Rica, Scotland, and Germany.

Note: under certain circumstances and with the written approval of the student's academic advisor, the foreign experience requirement may also be satisfied by:

  1. completing an appropriate domestic internship (typically with a local business heavily engaged in international commerce),
  2. completion of two 300-level courses in a foreign language with a grade of "C" or higher in each course.

GPA Requirement

Note: To satisfy degree requirements for the B.A. in International Business, students must: 

  1. Earn a grade of at least C- in all courses required for the major.
  2. Earn an overall GPA of 2.0 in all courses required for the major.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

Outcome 1. Essential Business Knowledge

1.1 Articulate key concepts and theories in business areas

1.2 Understand ethical and diversity issues that impact business

Outcome 2: Analytical and Critical Thinking

2.1 Demonstrate critical thinking skills in analyzing business conditions and solving problems.

Outcome 3: Communication Skills

3.1 Demonstrate effective oral communication skills

3.2 Demonstrate effective written communication skills

Outcome 4: Global Perspective

4.1 Explain the impact of the global economy on business

4.2 Develop a global perspective in making business decisions