The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Studio Art

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The BFA is an intensive degree program in studio art, intended for students who plan to pursue a professional career in art or to prepare for graduate study. BFA students work closely with a professor/mentor in their area of concentration, as well as interact with the entire art faculty through the required courses and semester BFA Reviews. BFA students are encouraged to be active in the Art Students Association, which runs the West Side Gallery, where BFA senior exhibitions take place. BFA students may also take DCE 323 Career Explorations in Art, in which they may receive credit for apprenticeships or internships in artists' studios, galleries, or alternative spaces.

What can I do with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art?

Admission to the Program

Students are admitted to the program by a portfolio review. Those who do not have a portfolio may enroll in the BA or BS program in studio art, and begin work on foundation courses to assemble a portfolio. If advised to discontinue the BFA program, a student may continue as a studio art major in the BA or BS program.

Program Requirements

In addition to the course requirements below, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. A minimum grade of "C" must be attained in all courses in the major.
  2. Maintain a 2.5 minimum overall cumulative Brockport GPA and 3.0 GPA in art.
  3. VSW Summer Intensive courses may not be used to complete BFA degree requirements without departmental permission.

Candidates for the BFA must meet all Brockport General Education course requirements and complete a total of 78 credits in Art and Art History as indicated below.

Required Courses

  • ARH 201 Survey of World Art I
  • ARH 202 Survey of World Art II
  • ARH 410 Contemporary Art Criticism
  • ARH 420 20th-Century Art
  • ART 210 2-D Design
  • ART 212 3-D Design
  • ART 221 Drawing I
  • ART 301 BFA Review
  • ART 330 Digital Art I
  • ART 331 Photography I
  • ART 341 Painting I
  • ART 351 Printmaking I
  • ART 361 Sculpture I
  • ART 401 Senior Seminar
  • ART 402 BFA Senior Exhibition
  • Concentration consisting of 18 credits by advisement in one of the following
    • Ceramics
    • Drawing
    • Painting
    • Sculpture
    • Printmaking

Total Number of Credits: 78