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PSI 601 Management & Communication for Math & Science Professionals (B). Develops key management and communications skills in professional science masters students which are essential for future development as practicing science and engineering professionals who have not been exposed to these in undergraduate programs. Includes development of skills in decision-making, leadership, group dynamics, and coverage of salient issues in power and politics, organizational culture and organizational development. Also covers project management applications and stresses professional communication. 3 Cr.

PSI 602 Accounting and Finance for Math and Science Professionals (B). Covers key concepts in accounting and finance and develops associated analytical skills for professional science masters students who have not been exposed to these in their undergraduate programs. Topics include analysis of financial statements, ration analysis, financial forecasting and planning, operational and capital budgeting, cost-volume-profit analyses and risk and return concepts. Students are also familiarized with online and commercially available sources of financial data and required to conduct financial analyses using Microsoft Excel. 3 Cr. Summer.

PSI 603 Applied Quantitative Analysis for Math & Sci Professionals (B). Reinforces and builds on understanding of key concepts in statistics and operations research for professional science masters students who have only taken a single statistics course at the undergraduate level. Topics include review of data types and distributions, classification and presentation, descriptive statistics and correlations, design of experiments and surveys, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, goodness of fit, applied regression analysis, quality control statistics, selected topics in queuing theory and mathematical programming. Course utilizes integrative case studies and the use of Excel and commercial statistical packages (e.g. Minitab) for data analyses. 3 Cr. Summer.

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