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ARH 201 Survey of World Art I (A,F,O). Provides an integrated chronological study of world art from prehistory to the 14th century. Covers western art along with the ancient arts of Asia, Islamic arts, and pre Columbian arts. Teaches students to identify cross-cultural influences and regional stylistic features. 3 Cr. Fall.

ARH 202 Survey of World Art II (A,F,O). Examines major developments in world art from the 1400s to the present. Students will gain a broad understanding of the history of art making during the modern era, including the European Renaissance, as well as art making in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. Issues of artistic techniques and practices, patronage, power, religion, and aesthetics, as well as societal and cross-cultural influences will be addressed during each time period and with respect to each culture. 3 Cr.

ARH 215 Art in the Making (A,F,O). Studies the elements of art, the artists' process, and selected works of painting and sculpture to give an appreciation of diverse art creativity throughout the world. Also discusses and uses artists and artworks of selected non-western cultures to illustrate elements of art. 3 Cr.

ARH 310 Women in Art (A,W). Cross-listed as WMS 310. Examines the contributions and creations of women to the visual arts throughout history, with an emphasis on the women artists of the last two centuries. Students will gain an understanding of artistic techniques and movements and become familiar with the social and political history of women, in order to understand how such conditions affect artistic production. 3 Cr.

ARH 315 The History of Graphic Design (A). This course follows the changes in graphic communications, from its origin with the birth of written language through its evolution into modern mass visual communications. The course surveys important graphic arts movements and individuals. We explore how design theory, technology and seminal works have transformed our visual language and the world in which we live. Students will examine the continuities and interrelationships of graphic communications as it has evolved and expanded, and demonstrate learning through exams and written assignments. 3 Cr. Every Semester.

ARH 391 Seminar in Art History (A). Prerequisites: ARH 201 and ARH 202. Explores a specific art historical theme or research topic. Students will be expected to write an in-depth research paper and participate in seminar style discussions. May be repeated for credit (with change of topic). 3 Cr.

ARH 410 Contemporary Art Criticism (A,I,W). Prerequisites: ARH 201, ARH 202 and ARH 420. Examines art of made throughout the late 20th and early 21st centuries, while simultaneously exploring how the "art world" both reflects and resists societal influences. 3 Cr.

ARH 419 Nineteenth Century Art (A). Prerequisites: ARH 201 and ARH 202. Covers the fine and minor arts of 19th-century Europe and America, with emphasis on patronage and the artistic movements that dominated the century. 3 Cr.

ARH 420 Twentieth Century Art (A). Prerequisites: ARH 201 and ARH 202. Examines the major trends and developments of the 20th century, primarily in Europe and the United States. Students will learn how biographical, social, cultural, and political forces influenced various artists. Helps students understand how art making is not a practice in isolation, but an expression of how creators respond to their interior and exterior worlds. 3 Cr. 3 Cr.

ARH 423 Feminist Performance Art, Film and Video (A). This course examines performance art, film, and video that was created during and in the wake of the second-wave feminist revolution of the late 1960s and early 1970s. After reading a number of critical texts, exploring the historical period, and watching myriad films and videos, students will be able to analyze how these art forms were implicit and explicit political acts that expressed women’s discontent with the socio-political status quo, and were attempts to speak back to the hegemonic imagery produced by the mainstream media, Hollywood, and advertising industries. 3 Cr.

ARH 424 Medieval Art (A). Prerequisites: ARH 201 & ARH 202. Covers the art and architecture of Europe from the early Christian period to the Fall of Constantinople. Includes an overview of Byzantine Art. 3 Cr.

ARH 425 Italian Renaissance Art (A). Prerequisites: ARH 201 & ARH 202. Examines works of art and architecture from the 15th and 16th centuries in Italy. 3 Cr.

ARH 431 American Art (A). Prerequisites: ARH 201 & ARH 202. Students will gain a broad comprehension of the painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, and popular arts made in the United States from the Colonial period to the present. Throughout the semester, thematic lectures will chart the history of our nation and simultaneously illustrate how the visual arts and visual culture influenced and were influenced by the notion of a distinctly “American” identity. 3 Cr.

ARH 441 Art in Europe: Field Study in Selected Topics (A). Prerequisites: ARH 201 and ARH 202. Entails field trips abroad focusing on selected topics in art history. May be repeated for credit. 3-6 Cr.

ARH 450 Egyptian Art (A). Prerequisites: ARH 201 and ARH 202. Studies the art and civilizations of pharaonic Egypt and the ancient Near East from the late fourth millennium BC to the conquest of Alexander the Great, with emphasis on pharaonic Egypt, Phoenicia, and Mesopotamia. 3 Cr.

ARH 451 Art of the Classical World (A). Prerequisites: ARH 201 and ARH 202. Traces the development of Minon, Mycenean, Greek and Roman art and architecture from the second millennium BCE to the fourth century CE. 3 Cr.

ARH 461 History of Photography (A). Note: taught at Visual Studies Workshop. Surveys the development of photographic processes and the movements and artists that have influenced photography. 3 Cr.

ARH 465 Alternative Perspectives on Art and Culture (A). Prerequisites: ARH 201 and ARH 202. Examines and explores art and culture from radically different points of view. Attempts to expand awareness of the multiplicity of world cultures by including subjects, voices and imagery that are often subordinated by traditional institutions of the West such as museums and mainstream commercial media. Uses strategies and disciplines including anthropology, women's studies, subculture, cyborg theory, political activism and liberation pedagogy to see Western art in a different light. Encourses the development of different means of practice in addition to expanded theoretical frameworks for looking at art. 3 Cr.

ARH 470 Asian Art (A). Prerequisities: ARH 201 and ARH 202. Studies Indian, Chinese and Japanese arts from prehistory to the 19th century, with emphasis on painting, sculpture, and the minor arts. 3 Cr.

ARH 474 Islamic Art (A). Prerequisites: ARH 201 and ARH 202. Explores Islamic art, architecture, filmmaking, and culture from the origin of the faith to the contemporary period. Considers art making around the globe in both a religious and cultural context. 3 Cr.

ARH 490 Topics in Art History (A). Prerequisites: ARH 201 and ARH 202. Reserved for different topics not listed in this catalog. May be repeated for credit. 3 Cr.

ARH 491 Seminar in Art History (A). Prerequisite: ARH 201 and ARH 202 or instructor's permission. Examines in detail selected topics in art history with the emphasis on the exploration of research methodologies in fine arts, and writing papers and sharing them in the class. 3 Cr.

ARH 499 Independent Study in Art History (A). Special project in art history arranged in consultation with the instructor-sponsor in accordance with the procedures of the Office of Academic Advisement before registration. May be repeated for credit. 3-6 Cr.

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