Undergraduate Japanese Courses: The College at Brockport

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JPN 111 Beginning Japanese I (A,R). Introductory course in Japanese designed to develop language skills in Japanese (listening, speaking, reading and writing) as well as an understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture. Content includes oral comprehension drills, pronunciation exercises, sentence formation, vocabulary, verbs, and simple readings on Japanese culture. Succinct explanations in English are followed by group and individual practice in Japanese. 3 Cr.

JPN 112 Beginning Japanese II (A,R). Prerequisite: JPN 111. Continuation of JPN 111. Designed to further the development of language skills in modern Japanese as well as the understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture. Emphasis is on communication. 3 Cr.

JPN 211 Intermediate Japanese I (A,R). (Prerequisite JPN112). 3 Cr.

JPN 212 Intermediate Japanese 2 (A,R). (Prerequisite JPN211). 3 Cr.

JPN 399 Independent Study in Japanese (A). (Prerequisite JPN212). 1-3 Cr.

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