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GEL 508 Structural Geology (A). Prerequisites: GEL 302, ESC 350 and ESC 391 or instructor's permission. Covers the principles of mechanical behavior of rocks during deformation, theories of origin of major and minor rock structures (folds, faults, rock cleavage, etc.) and their relationships to each other. Also covers plate tectonics models for some major crustal structures. Emphasizes laboratory techniques of analyzing and solving three-dimensional problems gathering structural data in the field. Requires a weekend field trip and report. 4 Cr. Even Spring.

GEL 511 Stratigraphy and Sedimentology (A). Prerequisites: GEL 302, ESC 350 and ESC 391 or instructor's permission. Covers the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of sedimentary materials; sedimentary environments and geologic time; and the application of stratigraphic principles to a variety of problems involving sedimentary rocks in the geologic record. Employs techniques and instruments used in stratigraphy and sedimentology. Requires a weekend field trip and report. 4 Cr.

GEL 515 Geomorphology (A). Prerequisites: GEL 201, ESC 350 and ESC 391 or instructor's permission. Explores surface features of Earth and their origin. Emphasizes processes, both internal and external, which interact to produce land forms. Stresses analytical approach formulations of valid inferences based on accurate observations. 4 Cr. Odd Fall.

GEL 557 Geochemistry (A). Course fee. Prerequisites: CHM 205, CHM 206 and GEL 201. Applies basic chemical principles of thermodynamics, kinetics and equilibrium to the investigation of common geologic problems ranging from the crystallization of silicate melts to surface reactions on soil minerals. Focuses on application of good laboratory practices to wet chemical and instrumental techniques involving geologic materials. 4 Cr. Even Spring.

GEL 562 Groundwater (A). Prerequisite: GEL 201. Studies groundwater, its occurrence, movement and use, and its place in the hydrologic cycle. Examines the origin of aquifers, use and effects of wells, and water quality and groundwater problems. Laboratory focuses on practical application of principles to solving hydrogeologic problems. 4 Cr. Odd Spring.

GEL 592 Field Geology of New York State (A). Provides general overview of the geology of New York State to earth science majors and science education graduate students. A series of six field trips are designed to enhance knowledge of the geologic events that shaped New York State. The course provides an understanding of the geologic features and processes that shaped the landscape of New York State. 3 Cr. Summer.

GEL 599 Independent Study in Geology (A). Arranged in consultation with the instructor-sponsor prior to registration. 1-3 Cr. By Arrangement.

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