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SPN 552 Guerrrilla, Gays and Gangs: Outsiders in Hispanic Film (A). Prerequisite: Any 300 level literature and culture course in Spanish. Why do we fear outsiders? Because we don’t know them? Because they are different? Or because their difference makes us question our own identity and values? Students in this class will take a closer look at cultural icons such as Ernesto Che Guevara, Latino gay culture, and the social and economic factors driving gang membership, immigration and prostitution. Requires active class participation and advanced writing skills. 3 Cr. 3 Cr.

SPN 553 Spanish American Women Writers (A). Following a chronological perspective, this course explores both theoretical and literary writings by a selection of leading Spanish American women writers representing different literary movements and reflect on a variety of national problems. Students will examine recurrent themes in women's writing, including: the representation of identity; the intersection of class, race and gender; and the textual strategies underpinning these considerations. 3 cr. 3 Cr.

SPN 556 Literature and Culture of the Caribbean (A). Prerequisite: Any 300 level literature and culture course in Spanish: Covers some of the literary contributions made by leading authors of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean: Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Following a discussion of the most significant historical events facing the region, students examine recurrent themes including poverty and marginalization, imperialism and political autonomy, neocolonialism, racism and social class, political and religious freedom, gender roles and stereotypes. 3 cr. 3 Cr.

SPN 557 Contemporary Spanish Writers (A). Studies 20th-century Spanish literature, e.g., essays, short stories, novels, poetry and plays. Presents the historical and literary contexts in which the selected works emerge and discusses the relationship between the writers and their cultural environment. Designed to also develop analytical perspectives in literary criticism and to strengthen reading and writing skills in Spanish. 3 Cr.

SPN 558 Multiple Voices, Multiple Truths (A). Explores the notions of Truth and Power in 20th century Spanish American literature. Through the analysis of essays, short stories, novels and poetry, students will identify the multiple ways in which the texts challenge canonical narratives, official national histories and patriarchal myths. 3 Cr. 3 Cr.

SPN 559 Mexico Today (A). Provides an introduction to contemporary Mexico: its history and geography; political, social and economic systems; art, literature and music; people and their lifestyles. 3 cr. 3 Cr.

SPN 599 Independent Study in Spanish (A). Content to be identified in consultation with the instructor-sponsor and in accordance with the procedures of the Office of Academic Advisement prior to registration. 1-3 Cr. Every Semester.

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