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The healthcare administration program prepares students to enter the healthcare field as an entry level healthcare management practitioners. Upon graduation, students are prepared to seek employment in the healthcare field in a variety of settings including hospitals, physician practices, nursing homes, public health institutions, insurance companies, and consulting firms. Students pursue study in a broad range of subjects emphasizing both business and health systems-related topics.

Admission to the Major

Any undergraduate student can declare a healthcare studies major.

The healthcare studies faculty has a professional responsibility to deny admission or continuation in any of its undergraduate or graduate programs to any student whose level of performance and/or personal characteristics or dispositions do not adequately meet academic, professional, or ethical standards.

Program Requirements

Undergraduate students in this program pursue a Bachelor of Science degree, and must complete its requirements.

Students must achieve a grade of "C" or higher in each healthcare studies and required business and accounting courses. (A grade of "C-" does not meet this requirement.)

healthcare studies Courses

  • HCS 410 Introduction to Health Care Administration (A)
  • HCS 411 Management Communications in Health Care Administration (A,Y)
  • HCS 412 Health Care Administration Planning (A)
  • HCS 413 Risk Management (A)
  • HCS 488 Applied Biostatistics and Epidemiology (A,M)
  • HCS 496 Internship in Health Care Administration (A)

Business and Accounting Courses

  • ACC 280 or ACC 281 or ACC 282 Introduction to Accounting (B)(Pre-rec MTH 111)
  • BUS 335 Principles of Marketing (A)
  • BUS 365 Principles of Management (A)
  • BUS 465** Human Resource Management (A)

Suggested Electives(not required)

  • CIS 106 End-User Computing (A)
  • MTH 243 Elementary Statistics (A,M)
  • WMS 271 Gender, Race and Class (A,D,S,W)
  • CMC 273 Interpersonal Communication (A,S)
  • ECN 100 or 201 or 202 Contemporary Economic Issues (A,S)
  • CMC 316 Interpersonal Communication in Business and the Professions (A)
  • CNC 332
  • ECN 333 Health Economics (A)
  • PSH 397*** Health Psychology (A)

*Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5, and successfully complete all Healthcare and Business required courses, in order to take HCS 496.

**Prerequisite for BUS 465 is BUS 365.

***Prerequisite for PHS 397 is PSH 110 or PSH 112.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Healthcare Administration Track, students will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of the healthcare system.
  2. Communicate clearly with individuals and groups.
  3. Apply effective leadership skills.
  4. Apply business principles, including systems thinking, to the healthcare environment.
  5. Behave in accordance with professional standards.
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