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PRO 510 Grants Writing Seminar (B). Is a basic, practical, how-to course for the beginning grants writer. Includes types of funding sources, how to identify funding sources, and how to write foundation and government proposals. Requires writing a brief sample proposal. Appropriate for all majors. For information, contact Colleen Donaldson, grants development director, (585) 395-5118 or Dean of the School of Professions, 264 Faculty Office Building, (585) 395-2510. 1 Cr. Spring.

PRO 576 Ireland Conference Experience (A). This is a health conference experience. Students and Faculty on this international trip will attend a 1-day Nursing and Midwifery Conference; along with a Seminar day at the Royal College of Surgeons and Midwifery in Dublin Ireland. Students and Faculty have the opportunity to submit an abstract for presentation at the conference venue. All Students submitting and abstract will work with a Faculty Advisor to ensure the quality of their presentation. 1 Cr. Spring.

PRO 595 Practicum School Health Education (B). Prerequisite: All PBH core courses, completed electives and departmental approval. Enables students to plan, teach and evaluate their effectiveness in utilizing eight methodologies of school health education; determine student needs and engage in student-teacher planning; and apply health education knowledge and skills to promote health services. Requires students to teach at elementary and secondary levels. (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading). 9 Cr.

PRO 602 End of Life Care for the Health Care Professional (A). Students will receive an introduction to basic concepts and issues related to death and dying and the provision of end of life care. The vital role of the healthcare professional in assisting patients and families along the journey towards the end of life will be examined. 3 Cr.

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