Communication Minor

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The Communication minor explores human communication in a variety of contexts, including interpersonal, organizational, public and mediated settings. Students investigate a variety of communication practices with learning experiences in theory, history, criticism, application and performance.

Admission to the Program

Undergraduate students pursuing a major in another discipline can declare a communication minor.

Program Requirements

The minor in communication studies requires successful completion of the 9-credit Communication Studies core and either the 9-credit Public and Mediated Communication core or the 9-credit Interpersonal and Organizational Communication core.

CMC 201 Public Speaking must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher.

Required Communication Studies Core (9 credits)

  • CMC201 Public Speaking

Option 1: Public and Mediated Communication (9 credits)

  • CMC411 Rhetorical Criticism
  • CMC492 Theories of Rhetoric

Option 2: Interpersonal and Organizational Communication (9 credits)

  • CMC273 Interpersonal Communication
  • CMC377 Organizational Communication
  • CMC473 Theories of Communication