International Studies Minor

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International Studies is an interdisciplinary major that provides students with an understanding of the driving forces at work in the world today.

Students of International Studies graduate consummately skilled in international politics and political economy, foreign languages, political geography, history, culture and ethnic nationalism. This minor's focus on such issues as international intergovernmental organizations (INGOs), world environmental problems, ethnic and regional conflicts, politics of developing nations, economic development issues and the politics of international economics neatly parallels a rising demand in many professional fields for individuals who are "globally aware" and "globally skilled." 

The international studies minor provides superb preparation for careers in government, international business and public service.

Admission to the Program

Any undergraduate student can declare this minor.

Program Requirements

A. Foundation Courses (must take all of the following [12 credits])

  • PLS 111 Introduction to International Relations
  • PLS 112 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PLS 410 International Political Economy or PLS 444 National Security

B. Political Science Electives (must choose two of the following [6 credits])

  • PLS 304 International Rel. Simulation
  • PLS 305 Politics of European Integration
  • PLS 327 Comparative Legal Systems
  • PLS 333 American Foreign Policy
  • PLS 338 Global Issues
  • PLS 340 European Political Systems
  • PLS 346 Russian and Eastern Eur. Politics
  • PLS 348 Asian Politics
  • PLS 383 Mid-East in World Politics
  • PLS 410 International Political Economy
  • PLS 444 National Security
  • PLS 445 International Law and Org.
  • PLS 447 Russia in Transition
  • PLS 470 Nationalism
  • PLS 475 Political Geography