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The studio art major is designed to provide a well-rounded, multi-disciplinary education in the appreciation and creation of visual art and design, encompassing two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, art and design history and criticism, and a four-course disciplinary concentration in one area such as Ceramics, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture. Students majoring in art are encouraged to explore other knowledge areas through a double major and/or minors.

What can I do with a studio art major?

Admission to the Program

Anyone can declare this major.

Program Requirements

Students in the studio art major pursue either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, and must complete the corresponding degree's requirements.

In addition to the course requirements below, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. A minimum grade of "C" must be attained in all courses in the major.
  2. No more than 54 credits in studio art (or any other single discipline) can be used to satisfy the 120-credit requirement for the BA or BS.
  3. VSW Summer Intensive courses may not be used to complete BA/BS degree requirements without departmental permission.

Concentration in Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, or Sculpture (42 Credits)

  • ARH 201 Survey of World Art I
  • ARH 202 Survey of World Art II
  • ART 210 2-D Design
  • ART 212 3-D Design
  • ART 221 Drawing I
  • ARH 420 20th-Century Art
  • Two 3-Dimensional courses (one in Ceramics, one in Sculpture)
    • ART 371 Beginning Handbuilding OR ART 372 Beginning Wheelthrowing
    • ART361 Sculpture: Mixed Media OR ART362 Sculpture: Metals

Concentration in Graphic Design (45 Credits)

  • ARH 202 Survey of World Art II*
  • ARH 315 History of Design
  • ART 210 2-D Design*
  • ART 212 3-D Design*
  • ART 221 Drawing I*
  • ARH 420 20th-Century Art
  • ART 225 Graphic Design I
  • ART 235 Typography I
  • ART 325 Typography II
  • ART 300 Graphic Design II
  • ART 327 Web Publications
  • ART 427 Advanced Problems in Graphic Design
  • ART 450 Portfolio & Professional Practices

*Foundational courses; must be taken in the first year.

Total Number of Credits: 45