Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Requirements

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  1. See the Matriculation Requirement as noted on the Degree Requirements page.
  2. Complete a minimum of 120 credits of coursework, with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.
    • No more than 54 of these credits may be in any one discipline.
    • At least 48 credits must be in upper-division (300/400-level) courses.
    • At least 60 credits in liberal arts courses. (Designated with "A" in the course listing.)
  3. Complete all requirements of at least one undergraduate major course of study suitable to the BSN degree. The College offers a traditional Nursing major and a Fast-Track RN-to-BSN program. The major requirements must include have at least 12 credits in upper-division courses.
  4. Complete all requirements of the College's undergraduate General Education program.
  5. Completion of all degree requirements within five years after beginning the clinical component of the major.


  • 1203Nursing (Undergraduate)

Last Updated 5/26/21