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Graduate Courses

THE 500 Theatre Viewing (A)

Provides students with the tools and opportunity to critically analyze, evaluate and appreciate theatre productions. Allows students to view several professional theatre productions and participate in backstage tours and discussion with artistic staff. 3 Cr.

THE 510 Contemporary Women Playwrights (A)

Examines selected works by 20th-century female playwrights from America, Africa, China and England, (with units on African-American, Chicana, lesbian, and Asian-American writers) in the context of feminist theory as it applies to theatre practices. Includes explorations of the ways in which contemporary female playwrights present gender and gendered experiences as staged with multiple cultural contexts. 3 Cr.

THE 514 American Theatre (A)

Covers theatre as an aspect of American culture from 1668 to the present. 3 Cr.

THE 522 Workshop Production-Lab Theatre (B)

Examines specific acting techniques pertaining to various periods, particularly Elizabethan, Restoration and others selected by the instructor. 3 Cr.

THE 526 Improvisational Studio (B)

Covers the development of physical, vocal and improvisational techniques for ensemble playing; and traditional and contemporary techniques of improvisation. Requires experimentation leading to the development of original material; and research and a practicum in the application of dramatic process to a specific learning situation. 3 Cr.

THE 530 Children's Theatre Mini-Tour (B)

Requires students to produce and perform drama in educational settings, and/or community centers on an extended run accompanied by workshops with children. 4 Cr.

THE 550 Field Experience in Theatre (B)

Requires students to identify methods, techniques and procedures involved in the project studies; perform these functions and/or observations; and plan a design for implementing the project in a different situation. 1-12 Cr.

THE 583 Creative Drama Practicum (B)

Focuses on creative drama for children and training leaders to guide youth in informal drama. Requires students to independently guide groups of children in a given dramatic form to ideas and stories. 3 Cr.

THE 590 Special Topics in Academic Theatre (A)

Covers advanced directing and advanced problems in scenery, costume and lighting. Topic and instructional methodology is defined by the instructor. 3 Cr.

THE 599 Independent Study in Theatre (A)

Designed individually through consultation between the student and instructor to suit the student's needs and interests and the special competence of the instructor. Additional requirements may be established by the department. 1-6 Cr.