Long Term Care Minor

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This Long-Term Care (LTC)Minor is designed to prepare students who plan to work in LTC facilities, such as nursing homes, and to prepare them for the Nursing Home Administrator Licensure program in New York State. 

For students who wish to pursue licensure as a Nursing Home Administrator, the LTC minor will satisfy the education requirements. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher) from an accredited educational institution, including 15 credit hours in the following five areas: Nursing Home Administration (HCS 425), Health Care Financial Management (HCS 415), Legal Issues in Health Care (HCS 417), Gerontology (HCS 430/530 or SWO 476), and Personnel Management (HCS 465). The license also requires a 12-month Administrator-In-Training Program (Internship) OR “two years of full-time service on the staff of a qualifying nursing home in an administrative position above the department-head level, but not above the Administrator-of-Record, requiring active participation in the administration, direction and operation of the facility, within the last five years”. This component will need to be completed independently by interested students; however, HCA faculty will offer guidance and support for students interested in pursuing this credential through individual advisement. Additionally, students in the HCA major can partially complete the field experience requirement via their internship placement.  

Minor Requirements (18 credits)

  • HCS 310 Healthcare Systems
  • HCS 415 Financial Management in Healthcare*
  • HCS 417 Law in Healthcare Practice
  • HCS 425 Long Term Care/Nursing Home Management
  • HCS 430 Gerontology and Health Issues for Aging Populations
  • HCS 465 Human Resource Management for Healthcare

*Prerequisite: Intro to Financial Accounting (ACC 281 or equivalent) with a passing grade

Suggested Electives

  • HCS 337 Healthcare Policy
  • HCS 340 Healthcare Leadership
  • HCS 439 Grief and Loss for Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • REL 406 Leisure and Aging      
  • PSH 436 Psychology of Aging
  • SOC 365 Aging and Society
  • PRO 402 End of Life Issues
  • PES 401 Physical Activity and Aging