Legal Studies Minor

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This minor is dedicated to preparing students for LSAT preparation and success in Law School. The classes offered present a wide variety of insights and applications to law from an interdisciplinary approach. This minor provides students with critical thinking skills and a liberal arts perspective- things Law School is keen on. 

Program Requirements

Choose one of the following (insights into the law for background)

  • PLS 320 Law and Legal Process 
  • PLS 324 Constitutional Law I
  • PLS 326 Constitutional Law II
  • PLS 445 International Law and Organizations
  • CRJ 311 Criminal Law
  • CRJ 375 Forensic Law
  • BUS 375 Business Law I

Choose one of the following (application of the law)

  • PLS 385 Mock Trial
  • PLS 402 Legal Internships
  • PLS 490 Moot Court Seminar
  • CRJ 205 Criminal Law and Procedure
  • CRJ 305 Adjudication Process
  • CRJ 313 Constitutional Criminal Procedure
  • BUS 467 Employment Law and Compliance (A) *this course has a pre-requisite
  • ENV 452 Environmental Laws and Regulations

Choose one of the following (skills based – especially valuable for LSAT prep)

  • PHL 104 Critical Thinking 
  • PHL 202 Logic

Choose one of the following (skills based – for success in first year law school)

  • CMC 201 Public Speaking
  • CMC 312 Argumentation and Debate
  • ENG 300 Advanced Composition
  • ENG 485 Professional Writing

Choose one of the following: (liberal arts perspective)

  • PLS 113 American Politics
  • ENG 356: Medieval Law & Literature
  • CMC 419 Freedom of Expression
  • AAS/PLS 435 Legal Rights of the Disadvantaged
  • SOC/PLS 374 Sociology of Human Rights

Choose one more Elective – choose any course from those listed above – or fulfill this elective through a “high impact practice” such as a Legal Internship, Washington D.C. Internship, NY State Assembly Internship or EuroSim (European Union Simulation). This option is highly recommended.

Total Credits (18 Credits)