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Spanish Major

Upon completion of a baccalaureate degree in Spanish, graduates will be able to:

  1. Narrate and describe using a variety of time frames, extended discourse, and specialized vocabulary. 
  2. Deliver oral presentations on a wide variety of topics, using a variety of strategies to tailor the presentation to the needs of their audience.
  3. Narrate and describe in all major time frames with good control of aspect and a range of general vocabulary in writing for personal and professional needs.
  4. Identify the main facts and many supporting details in conventional narrative and descriptive oral texts.
  5. Identify some of the essential points of argumentative texts in areas of special interest or knowledge.
  6. Explain key perspectives of  some Spanish-speaking cultures within a comparative framework and connect them to cultural products and practices. 
  7. Interpret and synthesize ideas and critical issues from a wide range of historical and contemporary cultural artifacts.

In addition to the student learning outcomes listed above, students in the Interdisciplinary Major in Bilingual-Multicultural Studies, Track II, are expected to be able to identify the academic, social, and linguistic challenges of Spanish heritage speakers within the context of the educational system of the United States; to select culturally informed methods of instruction and assessment for the bilingual classroom; and to recognize and analyze the phonetic, morphological and sociolinguistic elements of Spanish dialects.

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